Montana Tech Signs Agreement to Use Software.


The Department of Geological Engineering at Montana Tech has recently signed agreements for use of industry-standard software valued at more than $1 million for use in teaching Petroleum Geology. The department has been working with IHS of Englewood, Colo., a provider of energy insight and analytics, along with representatives from its Tulsa, Oklahoma and Calgary, Alberta offices to obtain licenses for two of its industry-leading oil and gas interpretation and well mapping systems— IHS Petra® and IHS AccuMap®. The software will be used for interpreting logs of oil and gas well data in cross section and map forms in classes at Montana Tech, and for graduate student research projects.

Included with the IHS AccuMap grant, is a package of oil and gas logs, petroleum production, engineering, and other data from throughout Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Alberta, Canada. The U.S. and Canadian information will be extracted from the IHS Well and Production Database™, a comprehensive, accurate and respected database in the industry. As part of the agreement, IHS will provide periodic updates of geologic and engineering information on the more than 500,000 wells in the area.

These data will allow students to study areas of historic and current oil and gas production, as is done by geologists and engineers in the petroleum industry. The software packages provide extremely powerful tools for accessing, searching, mapping, modeling and interpreting large quantities of data quickly and efficiently. Larry Smith, Associate Professor of Geological Engineering at Tech, will direct students in their subsurface geology research on active areas exploration, such as the Bakken Formation of eastern Montana and western North Dakota.