Goldcorp Donates to Montana Tech Underground Mine Education Center



Goldcorp Inc, one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, pledged a donation of US$605,000 to Montana Tech. With the donation, Goldcorp will be a principal sponsor of the Montana Tech Underground Mine Education Center. Goldcorp’s pledge is in support of Montana Tech’s campaign, Strengthening Foundations…Ensuring the Future. The gift will be paid over a five-year period.

The Montana Tech Underground Mine Education Center will provide hands-on experience in underground surveying, sampling, geological mapping, roof control, fragmentation and blasting, ventilation, and mine safety. “This underground laboratory on Montana Tech’s campus will provide a unique, hands-on, interdisciplinary educational environment for today’s engineering students who are being trained to find, develop, and process the world’s natural resources,” announced Dr. Pete Knudsen, Dean of the School of Mines and Engineering at Montana Tech. “This will be an underground laboratory at the boundary between the mining industry’s past and future.”

“We are pleased to be providing future graduates of Montana Tech with access to excellent facilities and supporting a quality of educational training that will be unparalleled with the addition of this lab,” said Chuck Jeannes, President and CEO of Goldcorp. “Our support of this worthwhile endeavor is well aligned with Goldcorp’s vision of sustainable prosperity, which ensures our activities provide long-term benefits to our stakeholders. We appreciate the good work being done by Montana Tech to prepare the earth scientists needed by our industry for the future.”

The research facility will be utilized by Montana Tech, industry, federal, and state agencies studying and developing underground mining methods, rock mechanics, ventilation, fragmentation, and health and safety. The facility will also be used for utilization of the geothermal energy found in the warm mine water. This technology could likely be utilized at other mines to provide heat or electrical power.