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Theresa Stack

Safety Health and Industrial Hygiene


Theresa Stack, MS, CSP, CPE

Associate Professor
B.S. Occupational Safety and Health Program ManagerTheresa Stack
Cell: 406-451-1749
Office: 406-496-4871
S&E Room 322
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Theresa Stack is a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP). Her education in engineering includes a B.S. from the University of Connecticut in Natural Resource Management and Engineering and a M.S. from the University of Washington in Occupational.  Theresa is pursuing a doctoral degree from the U of MT.   Theresa serves as the Bachelor of Science Occupational Safety and Health Program Manager, Curriculum Review Committee Chair and the ABET Coordinator.

From 1999 to 2013, Theresa has provided technical consultation and program management support to the Navy Ergonomics Subject Matter experts under the Mishap Prevention and Hazard Abatement Program. Theresa has evaluated numerous industrial and field tasks for the Navy and Marine Corps included live artillery fire, proto-type vehicle design, retro-fitting fast attack boats, and vessel and aircraft repair and maintenance tasks.  Past professional experience includes emergency response to hazardous material chemical and oil incidents, task and performance evaluations with the Department of Energy’s National Laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho, instructing courses for the University of Idaho and Public Health Director for Madison County.

Theresa is the primary author of the text: Occupational Ergonomics – A Practical Approach. New Jersey: John Wiley Sons Inc. (2016)

Theresa and her husband Michael reside down a rural road in Sheridan, Montana with her two children, 6 chickens and miniature Labrador retriever.  Michael is a Fly Fishing Outfitter and Gude FishTales Outfitting.

Research Interests

Research interests include exposure to whole body and hand arm vibration, LEAN engineering principles, epidemiologic studies of workplace injuries and illness and body harness fit for working at heights

Selected Honors & Awards


  • 2017: Montana Tech Merit Award for Teaching, Scholarly Activity and Research
  • 2011: Department of Defense Ergonomics Working Group Best Practices Recognition Award for Accommodation Ladder Project
  • 2008: General Dynamics Information Technology - Distinguished Performance Award
  • 2003: Anteon Corporation - Spot Performance Award
  • 2002: Anteon Corporation - Distinguished Performance Award
  • Idaho National Engineering & Environmental Laboratory, LEAP Awards
  • 1997: Recognition of outstanding support of the Ergonomics Program
  • 1997: Recognition of outstanding Human Factors support during the ASOC pre-funding
  • 1997: Recognition of outstanding performance in support of the ASOC/ANTSQ 209 production field evaluation at Fort Hood, Texas

Recognition Awards

  • Department of Defense Ergonomics Working Group, Aberdeen, Maryland — Three recognition awards for outstanding support
  • Seal Vehicle Delivery Team One, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii — Command recognition for ergonomics support
  • Marine Corps Logistic Base Barstow, Barstow, California — Safety achievement recognition
  • Headquarters United States Marine Corps, Washington D.C. — Safety division recognition for ergonomic support
  • The Basic School, Quantico, Virginia — Command recognition for support and evaluation of a live fire exercise
  • The Navy Safety Center, Norfolk, Virginia — Command recognition for continued support
  • Naval Construction Training Center, Port Hueneme, California — Command recognition for outstanding support
  • United States Naval Station Rota — Command recognition for ergonomics support

Courses Taught

OSH 2266: Safety Engineering and Technology
  • OSH 3226: Hazardous Materials Management
  • OSH 4546: Ergonomics
  • OSH 495:  Practicum
  • IH 5426: Principles of Epidemiology
  • IH 5868: Advanced Ergonomics
  • IH 5286/IH5296/OSH 4296: Sampling and Evaluation of Health Hazards with Laboratory