Industry Advisory Board Members

Petroleum Engineering

Vision Statement

Long Term Vision (Incorporated Spring 2013)

The Long Term Vision of the Montana Tech Petroleum Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is to give direction to the Montana Tech Petroleum Department (MTPD).

The IAB's direction shall include curriculum review and guidance to the MTPD to ensure the education they provide is current and impactful. This direction will enable the MTPD in graduating qualified students to the petroleum industry who are prepared to contribute. The IAB recognizes the importance of the symbiotic relationship between each group. It is also the goal of the IAB to provide the conduit of communication to accomplish further enhancement of this relationship. MTPD should inform the IAB as to what resources they need from Industry to provide for students' education. All IAB members can and should use their positions within the industry to assist with these resource requirements. All IAB members will also support the MTPD when request are communicated for Petroleum Industry Experts to come on campus for course enhancing class lectures.

IAB members recognize growing our MTPD is important but only if graduates and students standards remain high. The standards include academics, business ethics and civic responsibilities to the communities where they live. The graduates are a valuable resource recognized as the future of the MTPD, IAB and our Petroleum Industry.

Industry Advisory Board Members

Russ Atkins

Levi BrieseLevi Briese

Brandon FosterBrandon Foster

Kyle Haustveit

Tom Hohn

Tommy MillerTommy Miller

Ben TollmanBen Tollman

Justin Balkenbush

Tug EidenTug Eiden

Adam GollofonAdam Gollofon

Kelli Harrington-Lalonde

Trevor Jones

Justin Kegel

Jeff PituraJeff Pitura

Mark PashenMark Pashen

Keith SimardKeith Simard

Pat WilsonPat Willson