Metallurgical and Materials Engineering


Materials Science Minor

Materials applications are an integral part of all engineering disciplines as well as the basis of much current scientific research. The minor provides a basic foundation in materials science to undergraduate students majoring in STEM disciplines other than Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. The minor expands the range of industrial employment opportunities and is excellent preparation for those who intend to pursue graduate degrees in materials science and engineering.

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Extractive Metallurgy Minor

The extractive metallurgy minor provides undergraduate engineering students with fundamental knowledge of the chemical processing industries with particular emphasis on separation science involved in metal extraction and refining. The knowledge gained by taking this minor will be particularly valuable for those with career aspirations that include design, operation, and/or maintenance of industrial chemical and metallurgical process facilities.

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Mineral Processing Minor

The mineral processing minor is designed for non-M&ME undergraduate engineering students with career interests in geological, mining, and other minerals engineering disciplines. The minor emphasizes physical and chemical separation technologies and will be especially valuable in enhancing career opportunities in the natural resources industries.

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