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Mission & Vision

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Montana Tech Library is an integral part of Montana Tech, and its highly trained staff of information experts supports the university’s mission by providing access to resources, support for research, and an array of services that meet the information needs of students, faculty, staff and the community.


The Library will continue to provide information, education, and services in response to the university's teaching and research programs. Electronic and other non-print resources will be integrated continually to enhance the collection of books, periodicals, and other print resources.  Library services and resources will continue to shift from one based on in-house collections to one based on access to the more diverse and greatly expanded world of electronic information. This will necessitate the increased sharing of resources among institutions through alliances of electronic networks and databases, which in turn will further broaden the library’s resources.

Staff will be the key to the success of the library, serving as highly trained information experts who provide the vital links between information and users. Staff priorities will be teaching information-literacy skills, procuring, licensing, and organizing information, and continually improving user services. Staff will keep abreast of constantly evolving information technology, and best practices in providing services, education, and information resources to users.

The Library will also develop greater involvement in the life of the university by fostering a higher profile, by strengthening relationships with departments, individual faculty, administration, and other staff, and by working with faculty and students on collection development and the planning of services and facilities.

Our vision is of a library staff working in partnership with the academic community in a creative, open environment, where the focus is on meeting information needs of the Montana Tech community and the State of Montana.