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Montana Tech Library



The Library's collections support  the diverse academic programs and research in the university's College of Letters, Sciences and Professional Studies, the School of Mines and Engineering, Highlands College and the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG). The library resources support degrees in engineering, nursing, business, chemistry, biology, communication, and many more.  The collections are available in various formats including electronic, print, DVD, CD and microforms.

Electronic Collections

The eBook, eJournal, and eNewspaper collections now outnumber all other formats. They can be reached using the library's 130 searchable, subscription databases, which are enormous collections of related data organized for easy access. All electronic collections are available anytime, anyplace to students, faculty, and staff at Montana Tech and MBMG.

For a complete list of databases, click Databases A-Z on the Library's Homepage.  For a list of the journal titles, click Journals A-Z.  For a list of the eBook databases, click eBooks. Find eNewspapers in the library digital newspaper collections.

Print Collections

The Library’s Online Catalog provides detailed records for locating print books. They are organized by Library of Congress Subject Headings, and housed on the second floor. The Library's print journals and newspapers are stored on the first floor and arranged alphabetically by title. A browsing area of the newest journal issues is organized by subject area, also on the first floor, South side.

Unique features of the collection include extensive resources in Geology and Mining, with historical journal titles dating back to the 1800s. Part of the extensive map collection also dates back 150 years. The library also has a Special Collections Room of rare books related to Butte, the State of Montana, mining history, and more.  

Government Documents



The library holds Federal Government documents organized by the Superintendent of Documents Classification System, designating particular governmental agencies.  A special area is designated for local Superfund information.


The library holds a collection of State documents from various U.S. state offices, including Montana. The publications of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology are found in this collection of 20,000 State documents. Montana Tech is the only library in the State that catalogs MBMG publications. Shelved alphabetically, these print resources mainly include geology and minerals information.


The library's foreign documents are stored alphabetically by country and subdivided by agency. This unique collection includes publications from Canada, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia in geology and minerals science.

Maps and Atlases

The library's maps are stored on second floor and include U.S.G.S. topographic maps for the Western states, geophysical investigations maps, geologic quadrangle maps, hydrologic investigations atlases, folio atlases, miscellaneous geologic investigations maps and Defense Mapping Agency maps. The Library of Congress call numbers with the prefix ATLAS designate atlases located on on the first floor.


Tech Library is the only designated U.S. Patent & Trademark Depository Library in Montana. This designation enables the library to offer unique access to PubWest, patent searching software for serious, in-depth online patent research. The computer is located on the first floor for public use. Tech's Patent Librarian also provides information and assistance to new inventors in using, the government's patent website.


The library maintains a limited institutional archive of university catalogs, yearbooks, student newspapers, and alumni publications. Ask for assistance.