Transferability of Jump Start Courses

Jump Start

Transferability of Jump Start Courses

Dual enrollment courses taken as part of the Jump Start program are assigned a Montana University System (MUS) Common Course Numbering (CCN) designation. CCN was created by the MUS to provide students with a reasonable level of transparency and predictability for the transfer of courses and credits within the MUS.

Participating Colleges and Universities

All 16 of the MUS public universities and colleges are required to honor the CCN of courses.

The MUS schools are:

  • The University of Montana - Missoula
  • Missoula College University of Montana - Missoula
  • Bitterroot College University of Montana - Hamilton
  • Helena College University of Montana - Helena
  • Montana Tech - Butte
  • Highlands College of Montana Tech - Butte
  • The University of Montana Western
  • Montana State University - Bozeman
  • Gallatin College Montana State University - Bozeman
  • Montana State University - Billings
  • City College at MSU Billings
  • Montana State University - Northern - Havre
  • Great Falls College Montana State University - Great Falls
  • Dawson Community College - Glendive
  • Flathead Valley Community College - Kalispell
  • Miles Community College - Miles City

Transferability to Non-CCN Schools

If you plan to attend a school that does not participate in the MUS CCN system you should visit with an advisor at that institution about the potential transferability. It is important to know if and how the school would apply the course towards the completion of a degree. It is typical that the school would accept transfer courses as elective-fulfilling, degree-fulfilling or an exact course equivalent. Only the accepting institution can verify how they would accept a course.

Resources for Reference

MUS CCN Policy - 

MUS CCN Course Guide - http://