Cost Breakdown


Cost Breakdown

On August 30th, 2018, Governor Bullock and Montana Commissioner of Higher Education Clayton Christian announced the implementation of a new “One-Two-Free” dual enrollment program that will substantially increase access to higher education for high school students throughout Montana. “One-Two-Free” offers two free dual enrollment courses, up to six credits, through the Montana University System (MUS) to all eligible high school students.

Dual enrollment allows high school students to take 100 and 200 level college courses on campus, on-line, or in their high school. Students can explore a wide range of content including academic core and workforce courses.  

One-Two-Free is a seismic shift in the way the MUS approaches dual enrollment and ensures that tuition cost is not a barrier to participating in dual enrollment.

  • The program offers eligible high school students their first two classes free, up to six credits. 
  • After that students pay the discounted dual enrollment tuition rate of 50% the two-year institution’s tuition.
  • Students that demonstrate need can apply for a Hardship Scholarship to cover tuition beyond their first two courses/six credits. Please contact Bernie Phelps at 406-496-4565 for additional information
  • One-two-free applies to any lower division dual enrollment course from a participating institution, whether it is online, on-campus, or in the high school.

For credits over six, students will pay based on the below tuition schedule.


1 credit


2 credits


3 credits


4 credits


5 credits


6 credits


7 credits


8 credits


9 credits


10 credits


11 credits


12 credits