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For High Schools
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Information for High Schools

As a high school teacher or administrator, our relationship with you is vital to the success of our dual enrollment programs. We look to you as both a partner to teacher our dual enrollment courses and as a referral for your students to our dual enrollment courses and Big Sky Pathways programs.

Course Variety

Traditionally people believe that dual enrollment courses are only for the top-ranked students in their class. We have opportunities for students in areas like construction, health, metal fabrication, computer networking, accounting, and business. With these and our traditional English, mathematics, sciences and humanities course offerings, we are sure to have a course to engage many of your students.


The “One-Two-Free” dual enrollment program offers two free dual enrollment courses, up to six credits, through the Montana University System (MUS) to all eligible high school students.

  • The program offers eligible high school students their first two classes free, up to six credits. 
  • After that students pay the discounted dual enrollment tuition rate of 50% the two-year institution’s tuition. 
  • Students that demonstrate need can apply for a Hardship Scholarship to cover tuition beyond their first two courses/six credits. 
  • One-two-free applies to any lower division dual enrollment course from a participating institution, whether it is online, on-campus, or in the high school.


Learning in a college environment promotes academic and personal growth through coursework that is fast-paced, in-depth and may contain mature subject matter. All meant to challenge and engage students in exciting ways.


We offer many courses in areas outside the standard mathematics, English, sciences and humanities. We can help students explore their interests and passions through dual enrollment courses and the Big Sky Pathways options.