geophysics senior design projects


Senior Design Projects

  • Anaconda Forensics GPR and Electromagnetics Project

    Geophysical Senior Design Project

    Ground Penetrating Radar from Anaconda Forensic Project 2011

  • Interpretation of the Magnetotelluric Anomaly at Cortez Hills, NV
    Geophysical Senior Design Project

    2-D Magnetotelluric Inversion from 2010

  • Gravity and Electromagnetics Time Domain Surveys of the Tertiary Volcanic    Intrusion of the Western Lower Beaverhead River Basin
    Geophysical Senior Design Project

    3-D Gravity Inversion from Western Lower Beaverhead River Basin 2011

  • Processing Over-Sea-Ice Seismic Reflection Data from New Harbor, Antarctica
    Geophysical Senior Design Project

    2D Antartica Reflection Data from 2009

  • Three Dimensional Gravity Inversion
    Geophysical Senior Design Project

    Northern Helena Residual Gravity Anomaly

  • Evaluation of S-wave Seismic Sources
    Geophysical Senior Design Project

    2-D S-Wave Seismic Reflection Line Great Falls, MT 2013

  • Time Lapse Characterization of Oxidation/Reduction Potential of a Zero-valent Iron Permeable Reactive Barrier with Electrical Methods
  • Investigation of the Path of a Missouri River Paleochannel and the Depth to the Top of the Madison Group.
  • Locating Flow of Contaminated Ground Water at Rhodia Inc. Phosphorous Plant near Ramsey, Montana Using a Gravity Survey.
  • Investigation of the Chromium Waste Repository
  • Building a Miniature Vibroseis System with a Magnetostrictive Source and an Accelerometer
  • Mapping a Dipping Sulfide Body Using VLF and Time Domain IP Methods
  • Electromagnetic and Seismic Surveys Used to Find the Water Table and Seek Bedrock