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Administrators and Professionals

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Administrators and Professionals

Administrators and Professionals
Name Position
Dr. Les P. Cook Chancellor
Dr. Steve Gammon Provost; Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Vacant Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Dr. Beverly Hartline Vice Chancellor for Research; Dean of the Graduate School
Mr. Joe McClafferty Vice Chancellor for Development and University Relations; President, Montana Tech Foundation
Dr. Carrie Vath Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs; Dean of Students
Dr. John Metesh Director and State Geologist, MBMG
Vacant Dean, College of Letters, Sciences, & Professional Studies
Dr. Dave Gurchiek Dean, Highlands College
Dr. Dan Trudnowski Dean, School of Mines & Engineering/Professor
Ms. Leslie Dickerson Director, Admissions and Enrollment Services
Ms. Peggy McCoy Director, Alumni Affairs
Mr. Matt Stepan Director, Athletics
Ms. Carleen Cassidy Director, Finance and Budget
Ms. Laurie Vandel Director, Bookstore
Ms. Marissa Bentley Director, Budgets and Purchasing
Dr. Ron White Director, Center for Advanced Mineral Processing (CAMP)
Ms. Sarah Raymond Director, Career Services
Ms. Marissa Morgan Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Ms. Shauna Savage Director, Financial Aid
Ms. Vanessa VanDyk Director, Human Resources
Ms. Jennifer Simon Director, Information Services/Chief Information Officer
Ms. Melissa Kump Director, Institutional Research
Mr. Scott Juskiewicz Director, Library
Ms. Tayrn Quayle  Director, Academic Center for Excellence
Ms. Jackie Amaya Director, Mail and Copy Center/Digger Card Center
Mr. Layne Sessions Director, Physical Facilities
Ms. Amanda Badovinac Director, Public Relations and Marketing
Mr. Scott Forthofer Director, Campus Life
Ms. Joanne Lee Director, Sponsored Programs & Grant Accounting
Vacant Coordinator of Conferencing & Special Events
Ms. Amy Verlanic Director, Institute for Educational Opportunities
Ms. Janet Friesz Registrar