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Online Learning Technology at Tech

Distance Learning

Online Learning Technology at Tech

Three types of online classes are offered at Montana Tech:

  • 100% Online - anytime, anywhere. These classes have no face-to-face interaction between students and instructors.
    Example: All assignments, discussions, activities do you not require you to be at a certain place at a certain time. Some instructors may require you to arrange for a proctor for quizzes and exams. Refer to your individual course for specific requirements.
  • Blended - a mix between online and face-to-face. While some face-to-face time is required, it is reduced when compared to the equivalent credit classroom course.
    Example: You may have to attend class, say, one hour per week with the remaining coursework completed online. Refer to the individual course requirements.
  • Video Conferencing - scheduled time, anywhere.  The course is offered through scheduled interactive video and/or desktop conferencing.
    Example: You have to meet at a scheduled time, but videoconferencing methods such as Zoom are used instead of meeting in a classroom.  Zoom allows class participants to see and/or hear one another.