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Offline Activity

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The Offline activity assignment type allows instructors to assign grades to student work that does not take place in the actual Moodle course.

For example, students may be blogging or working in other social media tools on class-related assignments. Perhaps they need to be graded for activities related to participation or presentation effort.

The Offline activity allows instructors to provide directions (in the Description area), assign a grade value, and set beginning and ending due dates for this work.

To create an Offline Activity:

1. Login to your Moodle course.

2. Turn your editing on.

Turning Editing On

3. Click Add an Activity or resource

Add an activity or resource

4. Select Assignment and click Add

Add Assignment

5. Assign a Name and Description to your Assignment

Assignment name and description

6. Scroll down to Submission settings

Submission Settings

7.Choose No for Online Text

8. Choose No for File submissions

Uploading Assignment File Submissions


9. Apply additional assignment settings

10. Click Save and return to course

Click save and return

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