Moodle 2

What's New in Moodle?

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Atto HTML and Text Editor

Our new Moodle editor focuses on usability and accessibility.

Atto Editor





5.Bulleted list

6.Numbered list

7.Add link


9.Add image

10.Add media

11.Manage embedded files

Atto Editor

1. Underline

2. Strikethrough

3. Subscript

4. Superscript

5. Align left

6. Align centre

7. Align right

8. Increase indent

9. Decrease indent

10. Equation editor

11. Special character

12. Table

13. Clear formatting

14. Undo/redo

15. Undo/redo

16. Accessibility checker

17. Screenreader helper

18. HTML/code view

Equation Editor

  Within the Atto text editor is the ability to pull up the Equation Editor tool. This useful tool lets you write and preview equations with special mathematical symbols.


New Assignment Options

  A checkbox is now available when grading individual students. Choose “Yes” to notify them immediately or “No” to grade without notifying the student.

Assignment Check Box


A dropdown menu accessed from the “Options” section allows you to filter submissions so you can, for example, quickly see which students have not submitted yet.

.Assignment Drop Down

Gradebook Additions

A horizontal scrollbar has been added to the top of the gradebook, in addition to the one already at the bottom. This should make navigating large gradebooks much more intuitive, as you can scroll while seeing which grade item you are at. It is recommended to set your grades to display in small numbers, such as five at a time. To do this, navigate to Gradebook > My Preferences > General > Students per page and change the value to whatever you prefer.

Note: Currently the gradebook has a scaling issue, which can be seen in the image above, which causes grade rows to not match up with their corresponding students. It is important, therefore, to pay close attention to who it is you are grading. Moodle Rooms has been informed of this issue, and it is to be fixed in the next Moodle version.

Grade Scroll

If your course’s group mode is set to “Visible Groups” or “Separate Groups”, you will be able to filter the gradebook to display a single group at a time.

Grade Groups

You can now filter the gradebook by students’ first or last names.

Grade Sort

Quiz Changes

The questions in the question bank now contain icons that let you edit, duplicate, preview, or delete a question. You can also move questions using the “Move to” button.

Quiz Bank Icons

Question banks also contain an updated question type selector, and an option to “Save changes and continue editing”.

Restriction Options

  Moodle 2.7 brings with it new restriction options for activities, such as preventing access until or from a specified date and time, requiring students to achieve a specified grade, allowing only certain groups, allowing access based on user profiles, or a complex set of nested rules.

 Restriction Add

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