Moodle 2

Gradebook: Feedback

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FirefoxFirefox is the best browser to use when accessing Moodle. Free download: http://www.mozilla.org

The gradebook offers a means to view assignments, quizzes or any other item that you would like to grade.

Accessing the Gradebook:

1. Login to your Moodle course

2. Click on Grades in the Administration block

Click on grades in the settings block

Gradebook: Feedback

In the Grader report, feedback is written in the feedback field that accompanies each graded activity

1. Click on the My preferences tab

Select Setup then Preferences: Grader report

2. Scroll down to General

My preferences tab general section

3. Change Show quick feedback to Yes

Show quick feedback

4. Save Changes

Save Changes


5. After saving the changes you will be redirected back to the Grader report screen

Grader Report

6. Turn editing on in your gradebook

Turning Editing On

7. You should notice an extra dotted line box next to the grading box.

This dotted box will allow you to enter feedback for your students

Feedback boxes


8. Be sure to Update your gradebook or your changes will be lost!

Update gradebook


Student view of feedback:

Student view of feedback


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