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Backup Your Course in Moodle

Deleting your couse backup file from moodle

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FirefoxFirefox is the best browser to use when accessing Moodle. Free download: http://www.mozilla.org

Note: If your course uses Blackboard Collaborate the videos will not be backed up with the course. You must back up the video/recordings and save it so it can be uploaded in the restore (Preferably save the video to the media server). For help with uploading to the media server please go to the tutorial page HERE.

Step 1: Access the Moodle course you want to backup

Step 2: Click on 'Backup' in the Administration block


Step 3: Choose the settings that you want included in the backup and click next

Backup Information

Step 4.  Next choose the items you want included in the backup.

Here you can decide if you want User data included with your backup

Backup Information

Step 5: Click next

Backup Information

Step 6: Confirm your settings and review.

If everything looks correct, click Perform backup.

(This step may take a few minutes depending on the size of your course)

Backup Information

Step 7: Once the backup is complete, click Continue.

Backup Information

Step 8: Here you can see your backup and choose the download on your file.

Backup Information

Step 9: A pop up window will appear with saving or viewing options. Make sure it is on save file and click "ok".

Pick the Save file option on the Pop up window then click okay.

Step 10: Open up a file viewer window and select downloads folder. Inside there, you will find your Moodle backup file. You can drag and drop it to your desired location(such as a flash drive or to your personal computer).

Open a file viewer window then pick the downloads folder. Find your file and put it where you desire.

Step 11: *After you save your course backup to a safe place, it is important to delete the file from Moodle* Follow the steps below on how to delete the backup files.

**Deleting your backup file from Moodle**

Step 1: Access your moodle course

Step 2: Click on 'restore' located under 'Course administration'


Step 3: Next choose 'Manage backup files'


Step 4: Click on the backup file


Step 5: Choose delete


Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all of the backups are removed from the 'Course backup area' and 'User private backup area'.

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