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Deleting Submitted Assignments:

Step 1: Find the ID of the assignment you want to delete.

  • You can find the ID of the assignment by moving your mouse over the assignment that you want to be deleted and leaving your mouse on top of the assignment until you write down the ID.

Step 2: After moving your mouse over the assignment, you will see in the lower left corner of your browser screen something similar to this:

  • After the word "Assignment" in the URL above, you will see two numbers. Be sure to write down both numbers (42 & 1976) because each assignment uploaded has a unique ID. Also, remember to write down the name of the assignment, in this case it's "HOMEWORK_.pptx".

Step 3: Navigate back to your course home page. Once there, click on the "Files" link which can be found under the Administration Block.

Step 4: When the "Files" screen appears you will see a page similar to this:

Step 5: You will need to choose the "File" where your assignments are stored. In this case, it is "moddata".

Step 6: Once there, you will see a list of all the folders that are stored in your course. Choose the folder your assignments are stored in.

Step 7: In this case, it would be "assignment".

Step 8: You will then see a list of all the assignments that have been uploaded in your course.

Step 9: This is where Step 2 comes back into play. Find the number of the assignment ID you wish to delete.
() .

  • In this case, we want to click on folder 42.

Step 10: The next page you will need the second number in the "assignment ID".
() .

  • In this case, we want to click on folder 1976.

Step 11: Once you get to the next page, you will see the name of the assignment you wish to delete.

  • Check the check box to the left of the assignment name.
  • Below you will see a drop down box.
    • Choose "Delete Completely"

Step 12: When "Delete Completely" is chosen, it will automatically take you to the next page, choose "Yes" when prompted to delete these files, and your file is deleted.

Need more help? Contact the Campus Technology Services Help Desk at 406.496.4244 or by email at CTShelpdesk@mtech.edu.