Outlook 2003:

Can I access my mailbox without using Outlook Web Access?

Yes. if you have any of the following products.

  • Outlook Express 6.0
  • Outlook 2003
  • Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Entourage for Mac
  • Mac OS E-Mail Client

All of these products allow you to configure an "HTTP - other" service.  This HTTP service-type is the method both HOTMAIL and MSN have used for years to allow access to their servers via the HTTP protocol from a "non" web browser interface. 

What is new is that these two products now include the ability to configure an additional "other" service via the HTTP protocol in addition to the normal HOTMAIL/MSN services they have always allowed. 

An advantage of using these products is an ability to create inbox rules to filter your mail. This option is now also available in the OWA interface - Find out how.

Another advantage to using the HTTP service-type method (shown below) is that you can also SEND mail with this method via "our" campus mail servers, which you can't do when configured under aPOP3 service-type because we do not allow SMTP-relay which is required to send mail using a POP3 client configuration.

HTTP Information For All Versions
To configure Outlook 2003 or Outlook Express v6.0 to access your campus mailbox via the HTTP service, use the following information:

        - Server Type: HTTP

        - HTTP Mail Service Provider: OTHER

        - Server URL: http://WEBmail.MTECH.EDU/exchange/USERNAME

        - Email Address:USERNAME@mtech.edu

        - User Name: USERNAME

        - Secure Login [SPA]: NO

For further assistance contact our Campus Technology Services Help Desk at ctshelpdesk@mtech.edu or 406-496-4244.