Brian Kukay

Civil Engineering


Brian M. Kukay, Ph.D., P.E., Department Head

Brian Kukay, Civil Engineering, Montana Tech

Full-time, Tenure-Track Professor
1300 West Park Street
S&E 309
Phone: 406-496-4517


B.S. in Environmental Engineering (1999), Montana Tech
M.S. in General Engineering (2005), Montana Tech
Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering (2008)

Selected Publications:

Pierce, Phil, and Brian Kukay. ASCE Timber Bridge Committee’s National Timber Bridge Survey (ID 123). 2nd International Conference, Timber Bridges (Sept-Oct, 2013). Las Vegas, Nevada (2013).

White, Robert H., Brian Kukay, and James Wacker. Options for NDE Assessment of Heat and Fire Damaged Wood. 18th International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Wood Symposium (Sept, 2013). Madison, Wisconsin (2013).

White, Robert H., Brian Kukay, James Wacker, and Jenson Sannon. Options for Evaluating Fire Damaged Components of Historic Covered Bridges. Second National Covered Bridge Conference (June, 2013). Dayton, Ohio (2013).

Kukay, Brian M., Robert H. White, Charles S. Todd, and Tyler Jahn. Evaluating Fire Damaged Components of Timber Bridges and Structures (May, 2013) A.S.C.E. Structures Congress, Fire Risks and Impacts to Bridges Track. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2013).

Kukay, Brian M., Robert H. White, and Frank Woeste. Book Chapter 6 on “Fire Damage of Wood Structures,” from, “Inspection Testing and Monitoring of Buildings and Bridges.” National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (May, 2012).

Kukay, Brian M., Anthony Laslovich, and Chip Todd. “The Residual Strength of Fire-Damaged, Dimensional Lumber: A Direct, Non-Destructive, In-Situ Approach.” Proceedings Forest Products Society 65th International Convention, Session 21, Application of Wood Materials in Structural Applications, June 19-21, 2011, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A (2011).

Kukay, Brian M., Paul J. Barr, and Marv Halling, Kevin Womack. Determination of Residual Prestress Force of In-Service Girders using Non-Destructive Testing”. 2010. A.S.C.E. Structures Congress, Highway Bridge Structure Design Track. Orlando, Florida (2010).

Kukay, Brian M., Paul J. Barr, and Marv Halling. Prestress Losses in High Performance SCC Prestressed Bridge Girders. 2010. National Precast Concrete Association 8-12 (March/April 2010).

Kukay, Brian M., and Charles Todd. “Determining Wood’s Residual Flexural Properties Using Nondestructive Testing,” 2009. Forest Products Journal, Wood Design Focus 19(2): 8-12.

Kukay, Brian M., and Chip Todd. “Post-Fire Assessments, Predicting Wood’s Residual Flexural Properties from Screw-Withdrawal Tests.” Proceedings Forest Products Society 63RD International Convention, Session 17, General Topics in Wood Engineering, June 21-23, 2009, Boise, Idaho, U.S.A.

Barr, Paul J., Brian M. Kukay, and Marv W. Halling. Comparison of prestress losses for a prestress concrete bridge made with high performance concrete. American Society of Civil Engineer’s Journal of Bridges. DOI: 10.1061/ ASCE 1084-0702 2008 13:5 468 (2008).

Kukay, Brian M., Paul J. Barr, Leroy Friel, Dan Coster, and Marv Halling. Post fire assessments, methodology and equations for directly determining wood’s residual flexural properties. Forest Products Journal, 58(1/2):40 (2008).

Barr, Paul J., Brian M. Kukay, and Marv W. Halling. A comparison of time dependent prestress losses in a two-span, prestressed concrete bridge. A.S.C.E. Structures Congress, Bridge Design Track, Concrete Bridges Part 1. Long Beach, California (2007).

Funded Grants:

PI on “Evaluating Fire Damaged Components of Historic Covered Bridges,” USDA Forest Service, FPL, Funded Research, $80,000. PI: Brian Kukay. September, 2011-May, 2013.

Co-PI on “Determination of Material Properties and Deflection Behaviors for Con- temporary Pre-stressed Beam Design,” Montana Department of Transportation Funded Research, Pre-stressed Concrete Bridge Project, $150,000. PI: Jerry Stephens. September, 2011-December, 2013 (to resume, Spring 2013).