Chemistry and Geochemistry M.S. Degree and Options

M.S. Degree in Geoscience: Geochemistry

Geochemistry is an interdisciplinary field of study in which the science of chemistry is used to solve earth science problems. Areas of study include the full spectrum of topics from geobiochemistry, to water/rock/microbe interactions, thermodynamics of natural systems, coevolution of geochemistry and life, thermodynamics of minerals, and migration of pollutant species in soil and water.

The geochemistry option is centered in the Chemistry and Geochemistry Department. Students acquire strong fundamental and practical knowledge in chemistry and environmental geochemistry and can choose thesis topics ranging among a large variety of geochemical/environmental topics.

Admission requirements: B.S. in chemistry, geology, or any science or engineering field.

Prerequisite geology and chemistry courses: A reasonable number of courses in chemistry and geology including analytical and physical chemistry, physical, historical, and field geology, petrology, and mineralogy. These undergraduate background courses can be taken during the first year of graduate school at Montana Tech depending upon prior undergraduate specialization.

Option: Thesis, Publishable Paper, or Non-Thesis Seminar Requirements: CHMY 594 Graduate Geochemistry Seminar, ENGR 5150 Graduate Writing Seminar, and one other seminar.

Minor in Chemistry - This minor requires that the student complete 19 to 22 credits of chemistry courses that span the major inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical sub-disciplines of chemistry. For many Montana Tech students completing the Chemistry Minor only requires taking one or two extra courses.