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Does your organization need employees who solve global problems, tackle projects others shy away from and are on the cutting edge of both industry and research? Then you should look to hire a Montana Tech graduate!

By contacting Montana Tech Career Services, you will be networked with students who gain hands-on learning in the classroom, and also real-world experience before they graduate. The Highlands College at Montana Tech is known for a rich tradition of partnering with industry to create mutually beneficial relationships.  An easy online system, DIGGERecruiting allows our office to serve you better and present more opportunities for you to connect with students at Montana Tech. It is easy to search for your organization and create your own account. DIGGERecruiting allows you to conduct many of your human resource needs from the convenience of your own office.

DIGGERecruiting Employer Benefits

  • Update your company profile information for students to be able to research your organization. Add your information as a contact and make it viewable to students.
  • Enter and maintain your own current job openings; however our office can assist you if needed.
  • Register to attend the upcoming Career Events. There are two fairs scheduled on Montana Tech’s campus, one each semester.
  • Request, view and monitor on-campus interview schedules or collect resumes through the system.

Contact Career Services for more information or find out more about the services offered at www.mtech.edu/career/employers/