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DR 2.0: Student FAQs

Zoot BozemanHow do I register with Career Services and DIGGERecruiting?

Go to and select 'Reset your Password' link. Only current students will be able to register in DR 2.0.

Why won't DIGGERecruiting allow me to register?

You must be a currently enrolled student at Montana Tech for a DR 2.0 account. If you are a current student or alumni, but are not able to register then please contact the Career Services office at (406) 496-4140 for assistance.

How do I know what are my Overall GPA and Major GPA?

Your Overall GPA can be found in OrediggerWeb under Student Services & Financial Aid > Academic Transcript. You will need to calculate your Major GPA yourself using only the classes specific to your degree.

How to calculate your GPA
Grade Score: A=4   B=3   C=2   D=1   F=0

(grade score)(# of credit hours) + (grade score)(# of credit hours) + ...
                  ————————————————————————————————   =   GPA
(# of credit hours) + (# of credit hours) + ...

Why am I only able to view jobs and not Career Events or On-Campus Recruiting? I submitted my profile and completed my DIGGERecruiting registration.

You have not been given full-access to DIGGERecruiting by Career Services. If you are a current student who has recently registered then it may take up to one-business day for your account to be reviewed and approved. You will automatically receive an email once your account is activated. If you are an alumni then you will be given access based on your subscription level. Go to our alumni page for more information.

When I try to log in, why do I get a message that says "Your account has no applicant type or valid status (role) associated with it"?

The applicant type needs to be entered. Please contact Career Services at (406) 496-4140 for assistance.

How can I upload my resumé or cover letter to apply for jobs or interviews?

Log in to DR 2.0, select the Application Materials tab. Then click + Add New next to the document type you want to upload. Please review the student guide for more information. Every resumé is reviewed by Career Services staff to meet the minimum criteria employers expect from Montana Tech students.

Why can't I delete my default resumé?

To delete or change your default resumé, first upload a new resumé to replace your current default resumé. You are required to have a resumé in DIGGERecruiting, so you cannot delete your default resumé without first uploading a new one to replace it.

How can I see who is coming to campus?

Information on companies coming to Montana Tech can be found under OCI and Job Listings in the left-hand menu in DR 2.0. Click on OCI tab to see the companies recruiting on-campus in the future.

How do I sign up for an interview?

Log in to DIGGERecruiting, hover over Interview Schedules, and select Qualified Schedules to see a list of companies with whom you are qualified to interview. Select the ID number or Job Title for more information. If you would like to sign up for an interview time then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the interview date. 

Some interview schedules are open and some you will need to be pre-selected for by the company. For pre-select schedules you need to first submit your resumé to the company and wait for notification of whether or not you are selected before you will be allowed to sign up for an interview time. NOTE: The 'Current Signup Method' column will tell you the status of interview sign-ups for each schedule.

Please review the On-Campus Recruiting Terminology for more information about the current signup method. 

How do I cancel or switch the time of my interview?

Log in to DIGGERecruiting, hover over My Account, select My Activity, and click on the Schedules tab. Under the Interviews section, click on the Job Title for the interview you would like to cancel or change. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, click on the interview date, and select either Cancel or Switch Time next to your interview slot.

If it is within 24 hours of your interview time then these options are not available. Please review our On-Campus Interviewing Policy and contact Career Services at (406) 496-4140 to discuss your options.

Who is coming to the Career Fair?

Log in to DIGGERecruiting, click on Career Events along the tool bar at the top of the page. Select Career Fair in the category section and search. Find the current career fair and 'Search Employers' to view a list of companies. For more details, click on the name of each company to see information about their recruiting needs.