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DR 2.0 - Interview Schedule Request Guide

You may request an on-campus interview schedule(s); or you can view a list of your schedules that are already in DR 2.0.

Employer Login:

Printer Friendly PDF: DIGGERecruiting Interview Schedule Request Guide


Enter your Username and Password. Or, click on the "Click here to register" and you will be asked to search for your company name. Select your company, if it appears in the box, then click on "continue" OR click on the "Can't Find Your Organization?" button. Complete the form with your information and click the "Register" button. Contact Career Services if you need assistance at 406.496.4140.

  1. Update Contact Profile. Click on "My Profile" to update the Employer Information and Contact Information sections. Click on the [Edit] link on the right.
  2. New Account. If you are creating a new account in DIGGERecruiting, Career Services will review your information for approval. Once your account is approved, two new items will appear on your Menu bar: "Interview Schedules" and "Student Search."

Please note: You can select multiple options by holding down the CTRL key. To add or remove majors, click the Add/Remove button. Then expand the categories by clicking on the + to locate majors then check the box next to each major you wish to select. Any majors you previously selected will already be checked. Uncheck the box if you wish to remove the major.  


On the menu bar, place your cursor over "Interview Schedules." Then, click on "New Schedule Request." The following three sections need to be completed: - Enter the job information keeping in mind that students benefit from as much information as possible. Areas with an asterisk (*) are required.

  1. Posting Information
  2. Requirements - Select the requirements for your open position. By adding requirements and screening on those options, you will narrow the number of students who will be able to view and sign up for your interview schedule.
  3. Interview Request Preferences - This section is where you will select your preferences such as "Schedule Type," "Preferred Interview Date," whether or not you would like an Information Session, and other details of your schedule.
  4. Schedule Type - There are two Schedule Type options: Open and Preselect
    1. Open Schedule allows qualified students to sign up directly on your schedule in DIGGERecruiting for an interview timeslot on a first-come, first-served basis.
    2. Preselect Schedule requires interested students to request an interview, which allows you to review all submitted resumes. After the sign-up deadline, decide who to interview.
Once you have saved your Interview Schedule request, you can view it on the drop down menu under "Interview Schedules." Click on the "Schedule List."

Once you submit your request for an interview schedule, you will be contacted by Career Services to follow up on the details of your visit.

If you need any help along the way, please don't hesitate to call Career Services at 406.496.4140.