Meet Your Montana Technological University Advisor

If you are going to be a first-year student at Montana Technological University and have been accepted into a bachelors’ degree program, you will be advised through the Advising Center.  Our professional advisors are specialized by program and math level, but any of them are happy to support all of Montana Tech’s students’ needs as they progress through their programs. 

*Please note that continuing students and transfer students are primarily advised by faculty.  Contact enrollment services to find out who your advisor is.


Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering, Geophysical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Occupational Safety and Health, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Applied Health and Safety Sciences

Akua Oppong-Anane, Assistant Professor & Engineering Academic Advisor

Akua Oppong-Anane
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  • Specializes in those who have tested into Calculus 1 (M171) or higher.
    • ACT Math Score ≥ 27
    • SAT Math Score ≥ 630 (section score)
    • SAT Math Score ≥ 31.5 (test score)
  • Student Success Center, 3.135
  • 406-496-4612

Clifton Braddy, Engineering Academic Advisor

Clifton Braddy
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  • Specializes in those who have tested into Pre-calculus (M151) or lower
    • ACT Math Score ≤ 26
    • SAT Math Score ≤ 629 (section score)
    • SAT Math Score ≤ 31 (test score)
  • Student Success Center, 3.134
  • 406-496-4610


Biological Sciences, Business & Information Technology, Chemistry, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Cybersecurity and Network Administration, Nursing

Heather Lingle, Academic Advisor, College of Letters, Sciences and Professional Studies (CLSPS)

Heather Lingle
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