Graduate School Admissions

Interdisciplinary Master of Science

(This application is for Master’s applicants only. First time college students should use the Undergraduate Admissions page.)


The Interdisciplinary Master of Science program (IMS) allows students to work with faculty in the design of a graduate curriculum tailored to their unique academic, creative and professional objectives. The program is available to both engineering and science graduate students. The IMS program offers a non-thesis option (37 credits) and a thesis option (31 credits). The non-thesis option will typically be available to only those students who can document a history of written and oral publications and presentations. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required.

Applicants to the IMS program should follow the instructions for applying to the Montana Tech Graduate School, using the IMS Application [PDF]. Because of the unusual nature of this degree program, the IMS has several additional admission and program conditions.

  • Each student needs to establish a program committee prior to admission to the program.
  • All prospective applicants must first consult with the Dean of Graduate Studies before beginning the application process.
  • The student must seek out and identify a Program Committee of at least 3 university faculty members from at least two different academic departments who are willing to serve.  At least one committee member must be from a Masters Degree granting department of Montana Tech.  The Chair of the Program Committee does not have to be from Masters Degree granting department.  Each discipline in the proposed interdisciplinary program must be represented on the Program Committee.
  • In consultation with the Chair and other members of the Program Committee, the applicant will develop a clear set of goals for their research program and curriculum plan, listing each course the student will take in the degree program. This Degree Plan should strike a rough balance of work among the various disciplines represented. The Program Committee members and the Department Chairs must approve the proposed Degree Plan.
  • The Program Committee will be the student’s surrogate department and will meet to consider the student's application materials and submit those materials and an admission recommendation to the Graduate School.
  • Applicants may wish to spend at least a term of enrollment at Montana Tech, either as a non-degree graduate student or as a student admitted to an existing graduate degree program.  Experience has shown that it is nearly impossible for a student to find members of a committee and negotiate a program of study from a distance.