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School of Mines & Engineering
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Welcome to the
School of Mines & Engineering

The School of Mines and Engineering has a century-long history in educating graduates to solve some of the world's most difficult and complex problems. Working for some of the most elite and prestigious companies in the world, our graduates have enjoyed our decade-long tradition of near 100% career outcome rates. Earning an engineering degree from Montana Tech will launch you into an extraordinary career.

We offer excellent teaching faculty with significant real-world experience coupled with extensive hands-on learning. We have significant graduate-study and research opportunities in energy, materials, and natural resources. Explore our degrees!

Why We Are Different

98% Placement

Whether you're looking for an internship or employment, you'll be in demand in the workplace and a valued professional in your chosen field. How do we know? Because our students and employers tell us so year after year.

Undergraduate Research

With the state of Montana as your laboratory, you'll have ample opportunities to pursue research in a topic you're passionate about. Our undergraduate research projects (URPs) are supported by grants from industry, the National Science Foundation, and the University. And students with approved URPs earn a stipend, too!


Many scholarships are solely for engineering students. You may be eligible to save up to thousands of dollars each year in tuition costs.

Graduate School

If you've already earned your baccalaureate degree and are seeking entry to graduate school, start at Montana Tech. Every major in the School of Mines and Engineering is also available as a graduate school program

School Spotlights

Lunar Robotics Project

The NASA Robotic Mining Compitition has schools from across the nation compete to build the best rover to mine rigolith, the material that covers mars's surface, To learn more about team oredigger visit there team website here . If you want more information on this club you can contact Bryce Hill.

Berkley Pit Boat

The Berkley Pit boat, featured in the picture below, is a grant project being run by Bryce Hill . The goal of this project was to develope a remotely controled way to sample the pits water after it was deemed to dangerous to do manually. The boat is able to sample up to a depth of 600 feet and is controlled by an on-board computer or by radio controlls and on board cameras. test

PDCI Damping Control Project

In the western North American electric power grid, the limiting factor in reliably transmitting energy across long-distance power lines is maintaining stability of the grid. Unstable grids can result cascading outages (or even blackouts). One mechanism of grid instability involves large uncontrolled power oscillations cascading throughout the system. Engineers term these electromechanical oscillations. In 2012, Montana Tech Electrical Engineering Professor Dan Trudnowski, working with several research partners, advanced a concept for mitigating these oscillations thru automated damping control of a large DC transmission line in the western North American power grid. This is one of Montana Tech's many research projects to read more on it click here .

NRRC Building

The NRRC has teaching labs for General Engineering (Fluid Dynamics and Mechanics of Materials) as well as Mechanical Engineering energy conversion lab. There is also a lab for Nanotechnology, OSH, Petroleum Engineering and space for two new labs.




The mission of the School of Mines and Engineering is to

  • provide a quality undergraduate education that prepares graduates to practice their discipline at the professional level and to be leaders within their chosen field;
  • provide a quality graduate education that enables graduates to solve advanced problems within their discipline;
  • create and disseminate new knowledge that solves problems for the betterment of the world, the nation, and the state of Montana.

Our primary foci are the

  • safe and reliable development and use of natural resources;
  • safe and reliable development and delivery of energy;
  • development of new materials and material applications.

Our disciplines include a wide array of engineering programs

School of Mines & Engineering

Alumni Spotlight

To find a school that offered so much, for so little, was very important to me. I was able to have a job throughout my college career, and I graduated with no student loans.

-Brian Smyth, Power Engineer, R&D, TE for Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
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