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Advising   A   to   Z


Advisor Hotline -- 4598

The hotline will only be answered during advising events.

Advising Checklist

The advising checklist includes registration tips and important questions to ask your advisee.

Academic   Calendar

A quick link to the most current Academic Calendar.

Advising   Reminders

This is a list of items that we suggest that you review before you begin the advising process.

Advising   Reports

An example of an advising report. Includes an explanation of the sections and codes.

Advisor   Training

Handouts and information that was discussed at Advisor Training Workshops.


A quick link to the most current Catalog.

Closed   Class   List

A list of classes that are closed for the semester.

Common   Course   Numbering

Use this link to compare the old course numbering with the new.

Curriculum   Worksheets

These handy worksheets list the requirements for each degree program. They also allow you to monitor classes that your advisee has already taken.

Final   Exams   Schedule

Final exams schedule.

Freshman   Football   Players

Guidelines to follow when registering a freshman football player.

General   Education   Classes

A quick link to General Education classes on p. 32 of the course catalog.

Learning   Communities   for   Engineering   Students

The easiest way to chose your advisee's schedule. Learning Communities are pre-selected schedules for specific degrees and levels.

Math   and   Writing   Placement

Math   Flow   Chart

A chart to help you determine Math & Writing class placement for your advisee.

Oredigger   Web   Mini-Tutorial

A step by step guide for registering students using Oredigger Web.

Phone   Numbers

A list of important phone numbers for Advisors..

Pre-Registration   Schedule

The current pre-registration schedule


This table lists the pre-requisites for several classes.

Questions   to   Ask   Your   Advisees

This is a list of helpful questions to ask during the advising process. The answers to these questions can help define appropriate workload and courses.

Time   Chart

Use this printable sheet for scheduling.

Wait   Listing

Use this link for answers to frequently asked questions about the Waitlisting feature on Oredigger Web.