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Strategic Plan - A Commitment to Excellence


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Create and Sustain Strong Undegraduate and Graduate Programs
  1. Offer quality programs that serve societal, employer, and student needs, blending theory with practice
  2. Measure student achievement against recognized benchmarks
  3. Seek external accreditation for programs as appropriate
  4. Increase enrollments by recruiting and retaining prepared and capable students
Students will Learn Through Diverse Delivery and Educational Experiences
  1. Offer courses and programs that enable students to acquire knowledge and skills essential to employment and success in their field and profession
  2. Seek and facilitate student experiential and service learning opportunities
  3. Develop international exchange and service programs
  4. Expand graduate distance/online offerings in niche areas
Students are Prepared for Successful Careers
  1. Provide all undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in a research, creative, or scholarly experience
  2. Implement a multidisciplinary capstone team experience for all students
  3. Develop programs that help students obtain career readiness, competencies, and interpersonal skills valued by employers
  4. Develop an impactful General Education curriculum that teaches critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills
  5. Informed and involve staff in the educational Mission of Montana Tech
Provide Gateways for Transfer Education
  1. Provide the needed lower-level, credit-bearing courses, that enable students to succeed in bachelor’s programs and complete degrees in a timely manner
  2. Seek-out and maintain articulation agreements with Montana and out-of-state institutions
Students are Making Timely Progress Towards Degree Completion
  1. Improve retention and learning in introductory math, science, and writing courses
  2. Ensure that students have a high quality experience in introductory courses
  3. Develop an advising model for freshman/sophomore students that ensures we can identify potential problems early and in a timely manner
  4. Recruit qualified students who succeed academically
Students are Prepared for Employment, Transfer, and/or Professional or Graduate Schools
  1. Provide opportunities for experiential learning and assist students in achieving successful careers
  2. Provide support for two-year students who want to enter the work force or transfer to a four-year institution
Students Achieve Competitive and Academic Excellence
  1. Recognize students for academic and athletic achievement
  2. Recruit and retain student-athletes who succeed academically and in their sport
  3. Recruit and retain quality coaches and support staff who enable us to be highly competitive
  4. Seek philanthropic support for scholarships and facilities
Faculty are Engaged in the Pursuit of Successful Teaching
  1. Support professional development of faculty and incentivize innovative pedagogy
  2. Evaluate teaching effectiveness of faculty and adjunct faculty
  3. Encourage faculty excellence by rewarding outstanding performance
  4. Retain and recruit high-quality faculty through competitive salaries
Faculty are Engaged in Research, Scholarship, and Professional Development
  1. Allocate workloads for research-active faculty
  2. Recruit graduate students internally and externally
  3. Prioritize the next masters and doctoral program(s) needed and begin pursuing
  4. Maintain excellent Library access through State-wide partnerships
  5. Share specialized equipment to maximize investments and availability across campus
  6. Review management models for strategic Centers of Excellence, such as a campus-wide ground and surface water research center
  7. Encourage faculty to engage in research and scholarship
  8. Incentivize protection of, capitalizing on, and dissemination of intellectual property
Faculty are Engaged in Service to Their Profession, Campus and Community
  1. Align MBMG and Montana Tech’s Strategic Plans to enhance research, instructional, and service collaborations
  2. Grow the sense of pride in our faculty, staff, alumni and friends
  3. Engage faculty/staff/community in events, outreach, and in gathering news and success stories
Montana Tech Promotes a Diverse and Inclusive Campus Environment
  1. Establish a diversity committee that will lead in offering and expanding activities and initiatives in support of diversity
  2. Assess employee and student morale and use to improve campus climate
  3. Encourage a culture of providing excellent service to our patrons
  4. Require effective and meaningful training on issues that include sexual assault, diversity, privacy, and collegial behavior
  5. Provide professional development for staff and recognize outstanding performance
Instructional, Research and Living Environments will Enhance the Educational Experience
  1. Increase student recreational opportunities and student social and entertainment experiences that enhance learning
  2. Provide quality food and living environments on campus for Montana Tech students
  3. Develop master and acquisition plans for campus infrastructure and equipment
  4. Support effective safety and risk-management policies that lead to healthy and enjoyable work and learning environment
  5. Develop strategies that enhance awareness and appreciation of safety and health principles
Provide Events and Programs that Serve the Montana Tech Campus and Community
  1. Welcome and host community events on the campus
  2. Continue to maintain and improve town-and-gown relationships
  3. Promote service learning, K-12 outreach, and access to higher education
  4. Encourage and recognize employee volunteer and Civic engagement
Engage Alumni, Friends, and Industry
  1. Provide education that leads to increased economic productivity in Montana and our region
  2. Establish and nurture industrial/external advisory boards in all departments
  3. Partner with the private sector in implementing our intellectual property
  4. Seek philanthropic support for general scholarships to recruit new freshman, transfer students, and enhancing student diversity
  5. Increase alumni and friend engagement and cultivate philanthropic support
  6. Brand and market Montana Tech effectively