Meet Todd Tregidga

Business, Associate Professor and Department Head

Todd Tregidga

Todd Tregidga joined the faculty of the Business Department at Montana Tech in 2013. He brought with him a love of learning. a dedication to the community and 21 years of industry experience.  Recently Todd has taken the mantle of department head, succeeding Tim Kober who held the position for 14 years and who will continue teaching in the department.

We thought this transition presents a wonderful opportunity to introduce you to Todd and invite him to share his plans for Business at Montana Technological University. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, your education, and your career before you joined the faculty of Montana Technological University? I am a Butte native, and a CPA, and have 21 years of experience in industry. I  graduated from the University of Montana with a bachelor’s degree in Business in 1992 and an MBA in 2007. I started my career as an Accountant in 1992 for the Montana Power Company (MPC) in Colstrip and continued with the company in Butte as a Financial Analyst for its electricity generation segment. I moved on to PPL in the same capacity after MPC sold their generation assets to PPL and was an Account Manager for PPL Energy Plus through June 2013.  

Todd Tregidga, business

What drew you to study your chosen field? My Dad was an Accountant, so I took some accounting courses at Butte High and found I enjoyed them.  So, after high school graduation, I set a career goal of being a CPA.  I have learned over the years that I am very left-brain-oriented, so I like organization and order, which lends itself to the accounting profession.

What inspired you to teach? After many successful years working in the industry, I found I wasn’t near as happy as I thought I should be given what I had achieved to that point.  I was so focused on climbing the ladder that I didn’t realize it was leaning against the wrong wall.  

So, I developed the “grandkid test” as part of my career planning process.  “What would I be excited to tell my grandkids I did for a living?”  After a full inventory of my skills as compared to my aspirations, teaching at the collegiate level seemed like it was the perfect fit.

What drew you to Montana Technological University? Academics turned out to be my third passion after my family and my community – I am a Butte boy first and foremost, so Tech was the perfect fit.

What is your favorite part of teaching?  I came to academics to make a difference, leverage my 21 years of industry experience to the benefit of the students, and ultimately leave a legacy.  I feel as if I am achieving that goal, but it is always most rewarding when you get the random note from a graduate telling you how well I prepared them and what a difference I made in their trajectory – that is what brings me the most reward.  I even had the Aunt of one student I helped get on the right track catch me on the street and thank me personally for my extra efforts with him.  


What do you feel is unique about the Business program at Montana Technological University? The Department of Business’ new Vision is “To create a Business and Information Technology focused educational experience so rich for the customer and valuable to the marketplace it leads to exclusivity”.  I believe strongly that we can achieve this Vision because we have an outstanding faculty that can deliver on all aspects of this Vision.  The passion of our faculty combined with the smaller class sizes does and will continue to lead to a very rich experience for our customers.

Additionally, our speaker series focusing on the importance of soft skills to career success being rolled out this upcoming academic year is another demonstration of our commitment to a rich experience.  We have secured seven successful professionals to speak on their success as it relates to the role soft skills played.  The seven sessions follow the Stephen Covey framework of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly from a differentiation perspective is the offering of an SAP certificate as part of our BS and BAS degrees.  SAP is a software platform that supports all activities of a medium to large size business and is an integral part of the majority of all global corporations.  SAP is to corporate software as Microsoft is to desktop software and we are the only campus in a multi-state region that offers it as part of its curriculum.  As an example, Northwestern Energy is an SAP client with hundreds of users.


What excites you about taking the reigns as department head what are your hopes for the growth and future of Business at Montana Technological University? The only reason I agreed to step up as Department Head is to have an opportunity to leave an even larger legacy – not only for my current students but for all Business students into the future.

While the Business Department currently produces an excellent service, we have not achieved exclusivity as outlined in our new Vision.  It excites me to have the opportunity to execute this, elevate the Business Department, and become a marquee-level program for Tech.

What are your favorite things regarding living and working in Butte and Southwest Montana? The people, the people, the people, and the people.  The people of Butte are simply the best.  I really like the surroundings as well.  I am an outdoors guy. I try to take full advantage of everything the Montana outdoors has to offer – ski in the winter, fish, hike, ATV, float in the Spring and Summer, and hunt and go to football games in the Fall.

I have been very involved in my community my entire adult life.  I have served in leadership roles on the United Way, Chamber of Commerce, Butte Local Development Corporation (BLDC), and Saint James Hospital Board of Directors.  Additionally, I have spent the last 14 years as Chairman of the Montana Connections Park (TIFID) Board of Directors.  Many years ago, you would have also found me leading a group of cub scouts.

If you could share one piece of advice with incoming students, what would it be? When it comes to success in anything, there is no substitute for integrity and work ethic and no excuse for not having both.