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September 30, 2011 - Conflict of Interest Forms Due

October 6, 2011 - Fall Undergraduate Research Program Proposals Due - 2pm

December 2011 - Call for Publications

December 2011 - Seed Grant Call for Proposals

December 2011 - RAMP Call for Proposals



Conflict of Interest Forms Due September 30, 2011


Return your completed and signed Conflict of Interest Forms to the Research Office


Montana Board of Regents policy requires all full time Montana Tech employees to complete an annual disclosure form (Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement and Certification) and submit the form to the Research Office. This form must be completed even if the employee does not have a conflict of interest. Contact the Research Office if you would like to see your form for last year.


All faculty and staff submitting grant and contract proposals will also need to follow the procedures on the Proposal Certification Form.


The required form is available on the Research Office Website as Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form. The form asks whether or not you have a potential conflict of interest. 


If you do have a potential conflict of interest, the form asks for additional detail.  Most employees will not have a conflict—please review the Definitions of conflict of interest.


The Research Office will work with those employees with potential conflicts of interest to determine whether the conflict is real and manageable, or not allowed. 


Please contact the Research Office if you have any questions.


Undergraduate Research Program Call for Proposals



Undergraduate Research Program

Proposals Due

October 6, 2011

2:00 pm


Guidelines are posted on the Undergraduate Research Program Website


The proposal document, including cover sheet(s), must be submitted in PDF format.  The Research Office staff (Museum 211) can assist you with preparing the PDF.

The proposal must be emailed to by 2 PM on Thursday, October 6, 2011.


Instructions for scanning proposals are available on the Undergraduate Research website


See the Undergraduate Research Program Website for detailed instructions.


December 2011 - Call for Publications

The Research Office is doing the annual publications update of our website, featuring “Authors in Print.”  This is one way we track scholarly activity on campus and is entirely self-reported by campus authors. We want to make sure you receive credit for your publications!


If you wish to be included, Please e-mail the Research Office a list of your publications for 2011. 


The publications should include books, papers and abstracts in peer reviewed journals, and conference proceedings available to the public.  Maps published as part of an official series, subject to peer review, and published in a widely-available and accessible forum fall into the same categories as publications.  Note that reports required by the Terms and Conditions of a Grant are considered contracted deliverables and are not considered as “peer reviewed” publications.


You can view last year’s publications online: Authors in Print

Please send updates for any previously submitted publications which were “in print,” “in press,” and/or did not include journal references.


Please e-mail your contributions to Annalee Werkmeister at




Berg, R. -- Twidwell, L. G., Berg, R., Young, C., "Deep Water Sediment/Pore Water Characterization from an Acidic Metal-Laden Pitlake," Proceedings 1st International Conference Advances in Mineral Resources Management and Environmental Geotechnology, MJMP&EP, June 7-9, 2004, Chania, Crete, Greece, Heliotopos Conferences, Athens, Greece (ISBN:960-88153-0-4), pp. 507-12.

Stierle, D. -- A. Stierle, D. Stierle, and K. Kemp, 2004. "Novel Sesquiterpenoid Matrix Metalloproteinase-3 Inhibitors from an Acid Mine Waste Extremophile." D. John Faulkner and Paul Scheurer memorial issue of J. Nat. Prod. 67(8): 1392-1395.

Twidwell, L. G. -- E. Dahlgren, L.G. Twidwell, S. McGrath, "Removal of Selenium from Mine and Waste Waters, Proceedings 1st International Conference Advances in Mineral Resources Management and Environmental Geotechnology," MJMP&EP, June 7-9, 2004, Chania, Crete, Greece, Heliotopos Conferences, Athens, Greece (ISBN:960-88153-0-4), pp 536-42.



Call for Seed Grants


Seed Grant Proposals Due March 2012

The Seed Grant Committee invites proposals from eligible faculty in response to the Call For Proposals. The purpose of the Faculty Seed Grant program is to "stimulate research and scholarly activity among new additions to the Montana Tech faculty."  The maximum award per faculty member is $5000.  The total budget for the 2012-2013 academic year Seed Grant program is not available at this time. Awards are granted on a competitive basis, based on the recommendations of the Seed Grant Committee, and the availability of funds from the Research Office. Faculty hired from January 1, 2010 and beyond are eligible to participate.


Contact a committee member for eligibility or proposal questions.





College of Mathematics and Science

Amy Kuenzi, Chair


College of Mines & Engineering

Chris Gammons


College of Mines & Engineering

Xiaobing Zhou


College of Humanities and Business

Pat Munday


Bureau of Mines and Geology

Gary Icopini





Research Assistant Mentorship Program (RAMP)


The Undergraduate Research Committee is pleased to offer a new program called RAMP (Research Assistant Mentorship Program). RAMP is designed to fund small research teams consisting of faculty and undergraduates (primarily freshmen and sophomores). Funding is for one semester, with expected renewals for several additional semesters contingent upon available funding and reasonable progress.


Faculty PIs should submit proposals (5 pages max plus appendices) electronically to Proposal Deadlines will be published at a later date.


Proposals on biomedical-related topics are particularly welcome, as a portion of available funds are from a source dedicated to supporting undergraduate research in this field. Note that the undergraduates to be funded do not have to be identified prior to submitting the proposal.


For more information, email



Montana Tech 2012 Distinguished Researcher Awards Call for Nominations


Please nominate deserving faculty and MBMG staff for the 2012 Distinguished Researcher Awards


In 2002, The Montana Tech Research Advisory Committee authorized the "Distinguished Researcher Award." This annual award will recognize and honor Montana Tech faculty and Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology staff for their contributions to the campus research and scholarly activity enterprise. The award will provide $1,000 to those selected. As many as five awards may be conferred each year. This note is a Call for Nominations for these awards. The following summarizes the program eligibility requirements and nomination/application process. 


Nominations are due to the Research Office by March 2012.
Please send nominations to Annalee Werkmeister (


All eligible nominees will be notified and asked to submit an Application Packet. Required format of the Application Packet will be explained to each nominee.  




PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this program is to recognize outstanding contributions to campus research and scholarly activity by the faculty and staff of the Montana Tech campus. The program will make up to five awards annually in the amount of $1,000, up to three to members of the Montana Tech faculty and up to two to members of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology staff. This award will be known as the Montana Tech Distinguished Researcher Award. The program may also make up to two of the above awards special one-time Distinguished Researcher Awards that recognize long-term career accomplishments of senior faculty.  


PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Faculty members of Montana Tech or employees of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG) on Board of Regents or Letter Contract shall be eligible for the award.  Part-time or adjunct faculty may also be eligible if the research efforts to be recognized were performed at Montana Tech.  Any individual receiving a Distinguished Researcher Award shall not be eligible for another award for a period of three years.


NOMINATION PROCESS: The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) oversees the Distinguished Researcher Award Program. The RAC will appoint a standing subcommittee of five members, the Research Awards Subcommittee (RAS), to administer the award program. The RAS will develop a format for the submittal of nominations and will issue a call for nominations for the Annual Distinguished Researcher Awards in the spring of the year to all faculty and members of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. From the nominations received, the RAS will determine a list of eligible nominees.



Office of Sponsored Programs and Grant Accounting Relocates


Office of Sponsored Programs and
Grant Accounting

8 AM—4:30 PM


Carleen Cassidy:


Joanne Lee:


Colleen Fink:




The Office of Sponsored Programs and Grant Accounting has moved to the Museum Building, rooms 212 and 213. The new office location puts Sponsored Programs just down the hall from the Research Office which makes it easy for researchers to visit one location for research and grant questions.

Joanne Lee and Colleen Fink are now in MUS 212, with Director Carleen Cassidy in MUS 213. Phone numbers for Carleen Cassidy, Joanne Lee and Colleen Fink remain the same.



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