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Policies and Procedures


Research has become a subtle blend of science and bureaucracy.  To help during the process we have listed some useful information on this page.  Also included is a PDF version of the Montana Tech Principal Investigator's Handbook that gives a detailed overview of the proposal preparation process and the responsibilities of the Principal Investigators. 


We will update this site on a regular basis. So, if the reference you want is not set up yet, check back or contact us for a posting time.  Below, you will find links to PDF versions of our forms, policies, and other relevant information.


Proposal Submitting

Proposal Certification Form (PDF)
Proposal Certification Form Instructions (PDF)


Budget Development
Indirect Cost (IDC) and Benefit Rates
Indirect Cost Recovery Policy (PDF)
Federally Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (PDF)


Intellectual Property

Invention Disclosure Form (PDF)(MSWord)
Student Patent Rights MOU Form (PDF)
Invention and Patent Policy

Student Agreement for Work on Sponsored Projects (PDF)
Student Intellectual Property Rights MOU (PDF)

Board of Regents 407 Submission Form

Example Board of Regents 407 Agenda Item


Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (PDF)
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form Definitions (PDF)
Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)


Human Subjects Research Approvals

Institutional Review Board Process


DUNS Number
DUNS Number: 0714 08496


Tax Identifier Number (TIN)
TIN: 81-6001654


Other Policies
Employment Policy for Research Assistants, Research Associates, Post Doctoral Research Associates and Research Faculty(PDF)
Research Policy - Establishment of Research Salary Base
Research Integrity Policy (PDF)


Principal Investigator's Handbook
PI Handbook(PDF)
PI Handbook Inserts(PDF)


Principal Investigator's Training
Office of Research and Pre-Award Process(PDF) (PowerPoint)
Office of Sponsored Projects and Grant Accounting(PDF)(PowerPoint)
Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer(PDF)(PowerPoint)
Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedures and Research Integrity(PDF)(PowerPoint)



Other Information
Funding Opportunities
Guidelines for Submitting Proposals Electronically

What is the difference between a Grant and a Gift?

Fedconnect Instructions (PDF)


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