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The Center For Advanced Mineral Metallurgical and Materials Processing


The Center for Advanced Mineral, Metallurgical and Materials Processing (CAMP) is a Montana Tech designated Center of Excellence in Research and Education. CAMP’s mission is to perform research, industrial process development, characterization, and testing in extractive metallurgy, mineral processing, and advanced materials, providing high-quality solutions to industrial and government partners in context of educating the next generation of material scientists and engineers and expanding the basic and applied knowledge base.

CAMP’s vision is to become a preeminent internationally recognized Center of Excellence in materials science and engineering, in demand as the preferred provider of research and development in its fields, while both capitalizing on and seamlessly integrating with the Montana Tech faculty, students, and departments with applicable expertise.

CAMP plays a key research and education role in Montana and the nation by supporting, developing and adding value to the global mineral, metallurgical, and materials industry by developing processes that minimize cost and waste generation while enhancing sustainability, and by contributing to the preparation of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral graduates for employment in these sectors.

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology

Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology

The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology is the principal source of earth science information in Montana. Since 1919, it has been mandated to serve Montana in research and the orderly development of the state's mineral and water resources. As a non-regulatory agency, the bureau provides extensive advisory, technical, and informational services on geology, mineral, energy, and water resources in the state. Increasingly, the bureau also is involved in the study of environmental impacts to the land and water, whether they be caused by past practices in hard-rock mining or by current activities in agriculture or industry.

"Serving the citizens of Montana through geologic and hydrologic research and information"

Center For Environmental Remediation and Assessment

Center for Environmental Remediation & Assessment

The EPA Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) is a key element in Montana’s plan to stimulate systemic and sustainable improvements in the quality, capability, and interdependency of science, research, and education. In order to provide improved visibility and coordination in environmental science and engineering research, the Montana University System has formed a statewide Center for Environmental Remediation and Assessment (CERA) under the EPA-EPSCoR program. This center’s primary objective is to promote, coordinate, and foster growth in statewide research activities that are focused in environmental science and engineering.

CERA is located on the campus of Montana Tech of The University of Montana and is responsible for administering the EPA-EPSCoR program in Montana. Dr. Kumar Ganesan from Montana Tech of The University of Montana serves as the CERA Director.