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Call for Seed Grants

The Seed Grant Committee invites proposals from eligible faculty in response to the Call For Proposals. The purpose of the Faculty Seed Grant program is to "stimulate research and scholarly activity among new additions to the Montana Tech faculty." The maximum award per faculty member is $5000. The total budget for the 2012-2013 academic year Seed Grant program is not available at this time. Awards are granted on a competitive basis, based on the recommendations of the Seed Grant Committee, and the availability of funds from the Research Office. Faculty hired from January 1, 2010 and beyond are eligible to participate.

Contact a committee member for eligibility or proposal questions:

Division Member Extension
College of Mathematics and Science Amy Kuenzi, Chair 4793
College of Mines & Engineering Chris Gammons 4763
College of Mines & Engineering Xiaobing Zhou 4350
College of Humanities and Business Pat Munday 4461
Bureau of Mines and Geology Gary Icopini 4841

Research Assistant Mentorship Program (RAMP)

The Undergraduate Research Committee is pleased to offer a new program called RAMP (Research Assistant Mentorship Program). RAMP is designed to fund small research teams consisting of faculty and undergraduates (primarily freshmen and sophomores). Funding is for one semester, with expected renewals for several additional semesters contingent upon available funding and reasonable progress.

Faculty PIs should submit proposals (5 pages max plus appendices) electronically to Proposal Deadlines will be published at a later date.

Proposals on biomedical-related topics are particularly welcome, as a portion of available funds are from a source dedicated to supporting undergraduate research in this field. Note that the undergraduates to be funded do not have to be identified prior to submitting the proposal.

For more information, email

2013 Distinguished Researcher Awards Call for Nominations

Since 2002, Montana Tech has presented annual Distinguished Researcher Awards to honor faculty and MBMG staff for their contributions to research and scholarly activity. Each award includes $1,000. Up to three awards may be conferred each year. In addition, up to one Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Award may be granted to celebrate the recipient’s extraordinary, long-term research accomplishments at Montana Tech. Please nominate deserving candidates for the Distinguished Researcher and Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Awards. The deadline for nominations is March 31, 2013. Eligible nominees will be invited to submit application packages, which will be due April 12, 2013. The awards will be presented at the Awards TGIF gathering on April 26, 2013.  

Description of the Distinguished Researcher Award Process:

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this program is to recognize outstanding contributions to campus research and scholarly activity by the faculty and staff of Montana Tech. The program will make three awards annually in the amount of $1,000: two to members of the Montana Tech faculty and one to a member of the MBMG staff. This award is known as the Montana Tech Distinguished Researcher Award. Special one-time Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Awards that recognize long-term career accomplishments of senior faculty and staff may also be made.

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: Faculty members of Montana Tech or employees of the MBMG on Board of Regents or Letter contract are eligible for the award. Part-time or adjunct faculty may be eligible if the research efforts being recognized were performed at Montana Tech. Any individual receiving a Distinguished Researcher Award shall not be eligible for another award for a period of three years. An individual may only receive one Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Award during his or her career.

NOMINATION PROCESS: The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) oversees the Distinguished Researcher Award Program. The RAC appoints a subcommittee of five members, the Research Awards Subcommittee (RAS), to administer the award program. Nominations, including name(s) and a one- to two-sentence summary of each person’s research accomplishments must be submitted to the Research Office ( by March 31, 2013 via email or in writing. Eligible nominees will be contacted and invited to submit an Application Packet in the required format.

Recent Awardees are listed below. The 2013 RAS members are Susan Vuke (MBMG), Kumar Ganesan (Env. Eng.), Tom Patton (MBMG), and the asterisked 2012 awardees.

2010: Xiaobing Zhou, Geophysical Engineering; Rick Douglass, Biology; Gary Icopini, MBMG
2011: Martha Apple, Biology; John LaFave, MBMG; Bob Ziegler, Lib. Studies, Lifetime
2012: * Chris Gammons, Geological Engineering; *Chris Danielson, Lib. Studies; Jeff Lonn, MBMG; Robin McCulloch, MBMG, Lifetiime