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Logo Guidelines


The Montana Tech logos are illustrated here. There are several choices depending on your needs. The logo fonts are Helvetica Nueu and Bauer Bodoni Regular.

Logos for the Web

The low-resolution images on this page may be downloaded for Web usage only in accordance with the Web standards, as well as those for University Publications. Unauthorized use of the logo is strictly prohibited.

To download: In Windows, right-click on the image, or on a Mac, hold the mouse button down, and choose "Save image as ..." or "Save picture as ...."

Logo Alone for Web and Print:

Logo Accompanied by the School Shield for Web and Print:

Logos for Print

For high-resolution images to be used in print publications, contact Printing & Graphics at (406) 243-2711 or Note that the low-resolution images on this page will not reproduce adequately in print and should only be used on the Web.

Unacceptable Use of Logos

Do not alter the proportion of the design elements-

Do not alter the color of the logo-

Do not alter the font of the logo-


When using the tag line, the first letter in each word MUST be capitalized. The punctuation following the tag line must be an exclamation mark. The tag line must also always be used with the proper font. The proper font is Bebas and can be purchased online. If you don't want to purchase the font please contact the Public Relations Office and we can send you the tag line as an image.


in demand


TagLine Font colors:

The tagline must be used in Tech Green, Tech Copper, black or white. When printing a colored publication we would recommend that you use one of the colored logos. We want the tagline to jump off the page, so if it is a really lightly colored brochure we would ask you to use the green logo. If your publication has a lot of dark colors we would recommend using the copper image. If you have any questions about colors or uses for the tagline please contact the Public Relations Office at 496-4828.

Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Cards

These items can be ordered through The University of Montana Printing and Graphic Services.


With our brand/visual identity "IN DEMAND" the photos that we need to use need to show our students, faculty, alumni, staff, etc. and how they are or can be in demand. This means; they need to portray people doing, we do not want to use pictures of students sitting around and being lazy, our constituents are involved and active. We need to show this through the pictures that we decide to use in our publications.