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Honor/High   Honor

How Honor/High Honor is determined for the Commencement Ceremony

Students finishing in Fall 2015

Honor & High Honor is determined by the cumulative GPA at the end of the student’s final semester of attendance.

Students finishing at the conclusion of Spring or Summer 2016

Because final grades will not be submitted until after commencement, Honor & High Honor for commencement is determined by the student’s cumulative GPA at the conclusion of Fall Semester 2015.

A change of Honor/High Honor status on a student’s official academic transcript will occur if a student’s final cumulative GPA at the end of Spring Semester 2016 moves into a different range (see below) from the cumulative GPA at the end of Fall Semester 2015. Honor/High Honor is automatically designated on a student’s official Montana Tech transcript upon the posting of a degree.

Requirements for Graduation with Honor or High Honor

Honor: 3.25-3.74 cumulative GPA

High Honor: 3.75-4.00 cumulative GPA

Minimum of 51% of credits earned at Montana Tech or Highlands College at the completion of the program.  (Students in the Helena Business program are excluded from this rule.)

Transfer credit and transfer grades are not considered in determining honor/high honor.  Only Montana Tech coursework is considered.

A combined cumulative GPA will be used for students in combined AAS and BS programs (i.e. Network Technology, HCI, BAS in Business)

Honor/High Honor is not designated for certificate programs.

Graduate Level

Graduate students with a 4.0 will be awarded a High Honor designation.