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Theresa Stack Co-Authors Ergonomics Book

September 1, 2016

Theresa Stack, an assistant professor in the Safety, Health, and Industrial Hygiene Department at Montana Tech, has co-authored an Ergonomics textbook. The approach to the book is analogous to a toolkit. The user will open the book and locate the tool that best fits the ergonomic assessment task he/she is performing. The chapters of the book progress from the concept of ergonomics, through the various assessment techniques, and into the more complex techniques.  In addition to discussing the techniques, this book presents them in a form that the readers can readily adapt to their particular situation.  Each chapter, where applicable, presents the technique discussed in that chapter and demonstrates how it is used.  The supporting material at the end of each chapter contains exercises, case studies and review questions.  The case study section of the book presents how to use techniques to analyze a range of workplace scenarios.

Topics include: The Basics of Ergonomics; Anthropometry; Office Ergonomics; Administrative Controls; Biomechanics; Hand Tools; Vibration; Workstation Design; Manual Material Handling; Job Requirements and Physical Demands Survey; Ergonomic Survey Tools; Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders; How to Conduct an Ergonomics Assessment; and Case Studies.   Stack’s book is available in the Montana Tech Bookstore or on Amazon.