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Montana Tech participates in Great Rocky Mountain ShakeOut

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Great Rocky Mountain ShakeOut yesterday. We had great news coverage in the library and nursing department as students, faculty and staff protected themselves (and manikin patients!) with the “drop, cover, and hold on” actions. (View the story by KTVM HERE and ABC-18 HERE)

As Mike Stickney pointed out, Montana is one of the most seismically active states in the U.S., and we don’t know when the next quake will occur. We all need to be prepared – both at home and at work.

There are many resources online with information on how to:

• Secure your space http://earthquakecountry.org/step1/
• Plan to be safe  http://earthquakecountry.org/step2/index.html
• Organize disaster supplies http://earthquakecountry.org/step3/index.html
• Minimize financial hardship http://earthquakecountry.org/step4/index.html

• Drop, Cover and Hold On http://earthquakecountry.org/step5/index.html
• Improve Safety immediately after earthquake  http://earthquakecountry.org/step6/index.html

• Reconnect and restore  http://earthquakecountry.org/step7/index.html

So take the time now to look at your spaces at home, school and work and do what you can to minimize the damage that would occur when the earth starts to shake!