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Highlands College of Montana Tech has won a grant from the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education. Entitled "Pathways to Highlands College," the grant will help inform parents, students, high school and college faculty about the career and technical educational opportunities available at Highlands College.

"There is so much educational need in our part of Montana," said Denise Elakovich, Montana Tech’s Perkins Grant Director and author of the grant. "The funding from this grant will help us communicate more with the high schools in our region and thereby encourage more students to pursue college."

The grant was funded as part of the national Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Grant which began in 2006. As a participant in the Perkins Grant, Montana created the Big Sky Pathways Program which is a group of model career and technical educational programs of study that connect to Montana’s postsecondary institutions.

"By the year 2020, 60% of the available jobs will require some type of college credential," said Dr. John M. Garic, Dean of Highlands College. "I am grateful to have won this grant as it will help us continue to help as many students as we can to succeed in earning a credential and thus preparing them for the future world of work."

The initial funding for the grant is $75,000 with a potential for renewal for five years.

For any further information about this issue or any issue pertaining to Montana Tech, please contact Dr. John M. Garic at 406-496-3714 or Amanda Badovinac at 406-496-4828.