Mine Design, Operations & Closure Conference
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Mine Design, Operations & Closure Conference

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Sunday, May 6 (Short Course)


Aerial Drone Applications in Mine Management and Environmental Monitoring

Time:  8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.   Breakfast & Lunch will be provided to all attendees

Cost:  $145

Course Instructors:  Devin Castendyk, PhD, Senior Geochemist, Pit Lake Specialist, Golder (including Pierre Filiatreault and Brian Straight)

This course will cover the full range of drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Aerial Camera Platforms/Remotely Piloted Vehicles…etc.) applications, capabilities, providers, legalities, and limitations, as well as various other aspects of drone use. For anyone considering possible use of drones for sites you own or administer, this course will offer crucial information.


Monday, May 7 (Field Trip)


Planning for Pit Lakes in Porphyry Copper Deposits; A Site Visit to the Berkeley Pit

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (The bus will depart from the front entrance of Fairmont; however, please check in at the conference registration desk before boarding.)  Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided to all attendees.

Cost:  $160

The development of pit lakes in porphyry copper deposit presents mine managers, consultants, and regulators with a unique set of challenges.  This field trip will review lessons learned from the development of the Berkeley Pit. 

Morning (8:30 - 11:30 am):

The morning will be spent on a site visit to Montana Resources’ Berkeley Pit/Lake focusing on all aspect of site management of the pit and associated environmental issues. Background info will be sent out to tour participants covering the detailed history of mining and the development of the pit lake and management issues. The site visit will include a detailed tour of the water treatment plant, evaluation of site water management and a detailed demonstration of some of the management techniques used at the site to haze waterfowl away from the site.

Guides:  Mark Thompson, Montana Resources & Devin Castendyk, PhD, Senior Geochemist, Pit Lake Specialist, Golder

Lunch will be provided!

Afternoon (1:00 - 4:30 pm):

The afternoon will be spent at Montana Tech with presentations covering the evolution of pit lake water chemistry, current management strategies including current waterfowl management programs, and a cross section of related Superfund issues.  The day will conclude with a panel discussion on knowledge gained from the Berkeley Pit with recommendations for future pit lake developers.

Speakers:  Dave Williams, Bureau of Land Management; Chris Gammons, Montana Tech, Gary Icopini, MBMG, Stella Capoccia, Montana Tech, Devin Castendyk, Golder, and Joe Griffin

At the end of the day, attendees will make a relaxing stop at the Butte Brewery!

Disclaimer: Participants will be required to wear PPE (hard hats, safety glasses, and safety vests). Please feel free to bring along your own equipment; however, if you do not have any, PPE will be provided. Appropriate footwear should be worn, as well. In addition, please dress appropriately for an outside tour. Although the tour is scheduled for May, the weather may still be somewhat cold. Please be prepared for various outside elements. 


Tuesday - Thursday, May 8-10 (General Session) 

This schedule may be subject to change--please check back for updates. (Updated on 3/13/18)
Tuesday, May 8, 2018

7:30 AM                Registration Opens & Breakfast is available in the conference area

8:30 AM                Opening Remarks/Welcome

Water Management Session I

8:45 AM                Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Industrial Artificial Pond Program  

                              Kenny Pirkle, Nevada Department of Wildlife

9:15 AM                Effective Evaporation as a Water Reduction Solution   Robert Ballantyne, Resource West, Inc.

9:45 AM                Design of a Hydraulic Plug for the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel, Leadville, Colorado 

                              Michael Gobla, PE, Bureau of Reclamation

10:15 AM              Break

 Permitting/Public Input Session

10:45 AM             A Modified NEPA Pre-planning Approach to Shorten EIS Timeframes

                             Brian W. Buck, MS, PG, Stantec

11:15 AM             CERCLA 108 (b) – EPA’s efforts to Dictate Bonding Terms to the Mining Industry

                             Gage Zobell & Ben Machlis, Dorsey & Whitney

11:45 AM             Copious Comments and Meaningful Public Involvement: How to Effectively Receive and 

Process Public Comments      
     Kristi Ponozzo & Jen Lane, Montana DEQ

12:15 PM              Lunch (provided to all conference attendees)
Mine Closure Session
1:15 PM                Gypsum Waste Closure in California

                              Martin Carlson, PE, CDM Smith

1:45 PM                Divestiture of the TVX Mineral Hill Mine, Montana 

Steven Smith, Kinross Gold USA, Inc.

2:15 PM                Reclamation at the Troy Mine

                              Doug Stiles, PE, Hecla Mining Co.

2:45 PM                Break

3:15 PM                Tailings Impoundment Closure Enhancement

                              Amy Adams and Craig Hall, PE, Knight Piesold Ltd.
Remediation Session

3:45 PM                Khayyam Mine EE/CA: Investigation Challenges and Risk-Based Justification for No-Action

Response, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
John Bingham, Hart Crowser, Inc.

4:15 PM                Remediation of Windborne Contamination from a Uranium Mine and Millsite under Various

Regulations and Stakeholders    
Steve Rima, Amec Foster Wheeler

5:00 PM                Social hosted by Tetra Tech


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

7:30 AM                Registration Opens & Breakfast is available in the conference area

Mine Design Session

8:30 AM                Innovative Field Method for Determining Site-Specific Mine Material Expansion and Compaction

Michael J. Fischer, CDM Smith

9:00 AM                Update: Idaho Cobalt Project New Mine Design Concepts

Floyd Varley, eCobalt Solutions, Inc.

9:30 AM                Vertical Carbon-in-Column Plant at the Round Mountain Mine, Nevada

Debbie Johnston, PE, & Kris VanLuchene, SE, Morrison-Maierle, Inc.

10:00 AM              Break

Research Session

10:30 AM             Corrosion in Underground Metal/Non-metal Mines

Amy Chambers, NIOSH – Spokane Mining Research Division

11:00 AM             Beyond BCR’s: The use of Peat Sorption Media to treat Mine Drainage

Paul Egers, Global Minerals Engineering LLC

11:30 AM             Low-cost Strategies for Monitoring Mining-induced Seismicity

Derrick Chambers, NIOSH – Spokane Mining Research Division

Noon                    Lunch (provided to all conference attendees)

For the Curious Session

1:00 PM                Applications of Drones to Archaeological Research on Prehistoric Mining Quarries: A Case Study 

of a Western Montana Chert Quarry
Alex Schwab, Ethnotech

1:30 PM                Bird Use in a Restored Riparian Corridor

Rich Prodgers & Nate Kohler, Bighorn Environmental Services

2:00 PM                The July Fire near Zortman-Landusky: Lessons Learned

Bill Maehl, Spectrum Engineering & Environmental LLC

2:30 PM                Break

Water Management Session II

3:00 PM                Geology of Sibanye Stillwater’s Benbow Injection Well - Why the Madison Limestone was not

Where it was Supposed to Be

Ennis Geraghty, PhD, Sibanye Stillwater

3:30 PM                Selenium Attenuation via Reductive Precipitation in Diverse Saturated and Unsaturated

Subsurface Conditions: Implications for Fate and Transport of Selenium in the Southeast

Idaho Phosphate Patch
David Silverman, Arcadis, U.S., Inc.

4:00 PM                From Exploration to Closure: Utilization of an Integrated Mine

Water Model in all Phases of the Mine Life Cycle
   Tina Pint, PG, and Peter Hinck, Barr Engineering Co.

4:30 PM                The Importance of Dewatering Predictions on CAPEX in the Technical Economic Model

                              Paul D. Williams, Enviromin, Inc.

5:30 PM
                Social hosted by Pioneer Technical Services


Thursday, May 10, 2018 

7:30 AM                Registration Opens & Breakfast is available in the conference area

Source Control Session

8:30 AM               Surface Placement of Cemented-Paste Tailings: Unproven, Overkill, or a Logical Strategy?

                             Katharine Seipel & Lisa Bithell Kirk, PhD, Enviromin, Inc.

9:00 AM               Source Control Measures at the Block P Mine, Barker/Hughesville Mining District, Montana

Roger Hoogerheide, US EPA; Chris Neaville, Doe Run; & Randy Huffsmith, Amec Foster Wheeler

9:30 AM               Sand Coulee Abandoned Mine Reclamation - Acid Mine Drainage Source Control Evaluation

David Donohue, HydroSolutions, Inc. & Tom Henderson, PhD, Montana DEQ

10:00 AM Break
Exploration/Geology Session

10:30 AM             Update:  Exploration for Gold in the Amazon Region of Ecuador

Keith Barron, PhD, Aurania Resources Ltd.

11:00 AM            New Discoveries of Rare Minerals in Montana Ore Deposits

Chris Gammons, PhD, Montana Tech

11:30 AM            Exploration Tools Used for a New Porphyry Discovery at the Madison Copper-Gold Project

Duane Parnham & Philip S. Mulholland, CPG, Broadway Gold Mining Ltd.

Noon              Crystal Mountain Fluorite Deposit: An Investigation of the Fluorspar Deposit found at the

Crystal Mountain Mine in Ravalli County, Montana
Constance Fenske, Montana Tech

12:30 PM              Lunch (provided to all conference attendees)


End of Conference!