MINES Summer Camp
MINES Summer Camp
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MINES Summer Camp

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To learn more about the MINES Summer Camp for Young Women, please E-MAIL STEPHANIE CROWE.

MINES:    Making   Innovations   in   Engineering   &   Science


The MINES schedules is starting to come together and it is going to be so much fun! Here is a peak at just a few of the field sessions we have confirmed for the 2016 participants!

Driver’s Ed 101

Have you ever driven around a house? At MINES, you will learn how to operate a 240-ton haul truck and it will feel like you are driving a house! In a virtual reality mine, you will experience loading, dumping and any bumps along the way!

Hiking Boots Required

We are heading to Yellowstone National Park where park rangers and some awesome professors will teach you about Yellowstone’s geology and seismic activity. While in the park, you will also learn about hantavirus, a disease found in mice.

Pricking Your Finger

Find out how to sample your blood glucose and mineral levels, then learn about different blood types and find out what type of blood you have using an agglutination assay.

Climb Higher!

Montana Alpine Guides has a some fun planned for you! During this session, you will trek to a local rock-climbing hotspot where you will learn about the local geology. Then, you will put on your climbing gear and scale those rocks with climbing and geology experts, who will teach you how to analyze the changes in the geology along the way.

Mud Pies!

During this session, you will learn how Environmental Engineers sample and analyze air, water and soil using handheld devices. You will also learn how engineering students have helped rural communities by teaching them how to clean their drinking water.

You can view last year’s agenda here to get an idea of what MINES programming consisted of in the past. Don’t wait to apply! The deadline is April 15th and admission is competitive!