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Research Quality Websites

Find good Websites
Evaluate Websites
Recommended Websites

Find good Websites

A few search tips:

Google Advanced Search will bring up credible sites by limiting the domain. Try .gov (US government), .mil (US military), (state of montana), .edu (college/university).

Google Products and other engines will do subject searches for maps, images, financial information, etc.

• Keywords: think broadly! Try both specific and general (trees and oaks). Use acronyms and spell out abbreviations (US and united states).

Evaluate Websites

Since anyone can put up a website, how to you tell if a site is trustworthy? Answer these questions.

Goal of the site?
To entertain, sell, convince/promote, educate, inform...

Intended audience?
Consumers, general public, students, professionals...

Author's Expertise?
Reporter, hobbyist, professional, researcher, faculty...

Narrow/broad, pro/con, what facts are missing?

Are claims founded on list of sources, recommended reading?

Check the facts!
Use internet to check claims, names, addresses, credentials...


Recommended Websites

Librarian's Internet Index - Websites grouped by subject

The Internet Public Library - Websites grouped by subject



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