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Geology & Geoscience Resources

AGRICOLA (Soil sciences and information, mostly scholarly)
Engineering Village (case studies, applied engineering, mostly scholarly)
Geologic Guidebooks of North America (material from guidebooks issued by state and national geological societies, often very localized.)
GeoREF (geology and geological engineering, nearly all scholarly)
GeoScience World (geology and geoscience journals, all scholarly)
IMMAGE (mining and mineral sciences)
Mineralogical Abstracts (index to articles on minerals, mineralogy, and mineral geology, all scholarly)
Petroleum Abstracts (oilfield geology, mostly scholarly)
Quaternary Fault and Fold Database of the United States (database of faults and folds associated with major earthquakes in the US)
ScienceDirect (general science and geology, mostly scholarly)
SPE eLibrary (papers published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, scholarly/research)




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