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How to Create and Access a Workshop

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FirefoxFirefox is the best browser to use when accessing Moodle. Free download: http://www.mozilla.org

1. We are going to “Create” a Workshop for your students to submit their work to.
a. Access Moodle via the MyMtech webpage provided on the Montana Tech home page.

Workshop Tutorial
Click the green sign in button in the upper right hand corner and sign in to your MYMTECH account.

click on the sign in button in the top right of the page


c. Once you are signed in, select the course you want to view under Courses you are teaching located
in the Navigation block on the left hand side.

Workshop Tutorial

d. Go to the selected course home.
e. Select “Add an activity or resource”.

Workshop Tutorial

f. The “Add an activity or resource” window pops up. Select the “Workshop” module. The press “Add”.

Workshop Tutorial

2. Here we will begin to setup the new Workshop for your course. This section will go over the basic settings you wish to set to this Workshop.

a. A new window displays called “Adding a new Workshop”. Fill in the name of the workshop you desire. Determine what “Workshop features” you would like to enable. Determine the “Grading settings”. This is where you can weight the grades of “Submissions” and “Assements”.

Workshop Tutorial

i. There are a couple options under the Workshop features. These include “Use examples”, “Use peer assessment”, and “Use self-assessment”.

Workshop Tutorial

B. On the same page, scroll down a little to find the “Submission settings” and the “Assesment settings”.
Here you can dictate your instructions to the course for this Workshop. You can specify the number of
max sumbissions they may upload and how large of a file this will be allowed to be.

C. Scrolling down a little further you find the “Access control”, “Common module settings”, “Restrict access”, and “Activity completion”. Using the “Common module settings” you can determine group settings.


d. Once you are finished editing these settings, press the “Save and display” button. Selecting this button will take you to the “home page” of the Workshop you just created.

3. We are now going to start editing what criteria a student will be graded on.

a. Select the “Edit assessment form” link inside the highlighted green box to the left-hand side of the

Workshop Tutorial

b. Here you can dictate the grading Criterion of the submissions. Each aspect can be individually created
for several layers of directions.

Criterion are set for what should be graded.

c. Select the “Save and close” button to return to the “home page” of the Workshop. Selecting the “Save
and continue editing” button will save your page and keep you inside the Aspect Editing page.

Selecting the “Save and preview” button will take you to an example space to what the grading form
will look like. Select “Cancel” if you wish to discontinue this editing.

Here we are going to upload a sample Submission to be looked at by the students.

a. Select the “Prepare example submissions” link in the green box on the left-hand side of the Workshop.
This link will take you to where you can upload a sample submission. We are going to use the “Drag
and Drop” method to upload.

i. Input the Title of the submission and any content you wish to display with the submission.

Workshop Tutorial

ii. Next, locate the file on your computer that you wish to upload. In this example it is located on the Desktop. Select the file by left-clicking and hold.

Workshop Tutorial

iii. “Drag” the file to the “Attachments” section of the submissions page. You will see a loading icon, and then the uploaded submission once it is finished.

Workshop Tutorial

iv. Select “Save changes”. You have now completed creating a Workshop. At any time, you can access the Workshop from your Gradebook, your activities list just like any other Assignment or Quiz.

v. Press “Continue” to continue forward.

Workshop Tutorial

vi. Here, fill in how you would Grade this example submission by entering information into Aspects 1, 2, and 3. When finished, select the “Save and close" button at the bottom of the page. This will return you to the ‘home page” of the Workshop.

Workshop Tutorial


* Workshop is a very powerful tool for grading writing assignments and peer review. It is very flexible and easy to navigate. For any reason, you can open the Workshop up again to edit Submissions or Assessments. In each section you just need to select the light bulb up at the top of the section you wish to activate and Workshop will lead you through the steps to modify your Workshop activity.

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