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Moodle Tips for Instructors

Using Groups and Groupings

  1. Click the arrow next to “Users” in the Administration block and then click “Groups”Click groups under users in the administration block.
  2. Click the “Create Group” button on the Groups page.Click create group.
  3. Enter a name for the group and then click “Save changes”Make sure to enter a name for your group
  4. After creating the group, select the group in the Groups field and then click “Add/remove users”.Add/remove users can be found under the box of members.
  5. On the users page select the students you would like to add on the right hand side and then click add. If you need to remove members select them on the left and then click remove.Move students that should be in the group from the right box to the left box by selecting them and clicking add.
  6. If you would like to have a group of groups, which is known as a “Grouping”, click the Grouping tab and then click “Create grouping”.Click the Groupings tab and then click
  7. Give the Grouping you would like a name.Name is a required field.
  8. To add a group to a grouping, find the row for the Grouping in the Grouping tab and then click the button that is two people on the far right hand side.The far right icon sets the groups in the grouping.
  9. Add groups to the grouping by selecting them on the right and clicking add.Move the groups on the right to the grouping on the left.
  10. After setting up groups in your course, you will want to go to assignments that should use the groups and go to the “edit settings” page of the activity and change the “Group mode” and “Grouping” boxes to the appropriate settings for what you need.Group mode and groupings changes how assignments use groups.

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Creating Assignments with More Than 100 Points

Method 1: Manual Grade Item

  1. On the Administration block, select “Grades” under course administration.
  2. On the Grade page, please select “setup” from the top menu.Click setup in the gradebook.
  3. From the bottom of the setup page, select “Add Grade Item”.Click the
  4. You will need to select a name and a maximum grade. The maximum grade can be any value, even values over 100.Select minimum and maximum grades that match what you need.
  5. Here is how the maximum grade item looks in the setup menu.The maximum grade is shown in the setup menu.

Method 2: Create a Custom Scale

  1. On the Administration block, select “Grades” under course administration. Choose “Scales” from the top menu of the Grades page.Select the Scales tab.
  2. At the bottom of the Scales page, click “Add a new scale”.Add a new scale button
  3. To set up a scale:
    1. Name the scale
    2. Ensure that "Standard scale" is NOT checked.
    3. Follow the scale format. Each scale value is sequential and separated by a comma.
      1. For a 0-200 scale, use 0,1,2,3...,199,200
      2. For an A-Z scale, use A,B,C,D...Y,Z
    The scale needs a name and all of the acceptable values.
  4. Here is what the scale looks like in the scale menu.The scale will show the name and values in the scale menu.

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How to Make Your Gradebook Look Like Your Syllabus:

  1. Go to your gradebook. From here click on the “Setup” option. All of this will be done with the default settings for the gradebook. Course total should be 100.Click the setup tab in the gradebook.

  2. Once in here scroll down to the bottom and click the button “Add category”Click
  3.  When creating the category enter a Category name. Change the maximum grade to be the weight that you want. For example if tests are worth 20% of your class make this 20. Once assigned click on the save changes button. After you put in all your categories the sum of their max grades should be 100.The category will show up with the assignments in it.

  4. Set the categories name and maximum grade then click save changes.
  5. Once the category has been created then move all grades that pertain to this category into it. To do this first find the grade item to move then click on the arrows to the left of the icon. Once you have the move window up then click on the box under the category.Click the arrows next to the assignment name.

    Then,Click the box where you would like to move the assignment to.
  6. Once you have put the grade items in the category it will look like below. The course will now take the average of the items inside the category and give the grade accordingly. For example, if a student averages 90% on their tests, on the category below, they would get 18 toward the course total.The assignment will be shown in the category after moving it.

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