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Adding the Quickmail Block

Watch the instructional videos.

FirefoxFirefox is the best browser to use when accessing Moodle. Free download: http://www.mozilla.org

Step 1: Turn editing on

Turning Editing On

Step 2: Once selected the screen will refresh and you will see new options for editing. Near the bottom of the left hand side of the Blocks, there is a new “Add Blocks” block.


Step 3:  Here we will add the Quickmail Block by locating it in the list.


Step 4:  After selecting Quickmail from the drop down list, the page will refresh and you will see the Quickmail block above the “Add Block” block.


Step 5:  (Optional) You can now move the Quickmail Block to where you use to see it (on the right hand side under the Calendar block).

Hover over the block to show the Cross Hairs arrow cursor , select and hold, and then drag to where you would like it to be.
Step 6:  When you would like to send an email to your students, click the "Compose New Email" link within the Quickmail block.
Click compose new message.
Step 7:   Select the students or groups that should be included in the email by selecting them and clicking add, or to send to the whole class, click add all.
Select the recipients of the message
Step 8:  Fill out the subject and message of the email with the information you want to send. If you would like to add an attachment, upload it in the provided box. If you would like a copy, select the yes radio button for that option. When you are ready to send it hit "Send email"
Make sure to fill out the message and subject of the message, and fill out other options as needed.

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