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Outcomes are a tool that allow you to keep track of whether or not a student has met certain requirements. This could be used to track core concepts of a course or to track accreditation outcomes within your course.

Legacy Outcomes

Legacy Outcomes are single outcomes that are set up through the gradebook in a course. The outcome can then be given a scale to be graded on and will need to be manually graded by the instructor in the gradebook after adding it to an assignment.

Setting up Legacy Outcomes-

To start setting up legacy outcomes, find the “Legacy Outcomes” link in the Administration block.

Legacy outcomes can be found under Course administration in the Administration block.

The first screen you will see after going into Legacy outcomes will be similar to this:

Select Legacy outcomes thent there are tabs.

Legacy outcomes is hosted inside of the gradebook, so in the top row of options you will see the familiar Gradebook tabs. Below this are the three options you will use to set up new outcomes for the course.

To add a new outcome or see ones that you have already added, click edit outcomes. The edit outcomes screen will look similar to this:

shoes the edit outcomes tab

To add a new outcome, click the “Add a new outcome” button.

Select Add a new outcome in the bottom left
You will be brought to a page that gives you the options for your outcome, including naming, selecting the scale it will be graded against, and a description of the outcome.

Shows the new legacy outcome page

The “standard outcome” checkbox is used to set an outcome to be available to other courses and instructors on Moodle, as it creates a site-wide usable outcome. (This should be used carefully so that others are not flooded by outcomes that are not their own)

Here you should fill out the boxes as needed and click “Save changes” when you are done.

To edit an existing outcome, click the gear icon to the right of the outcome that you want to edit on the “Edit outcomes” page.

select edit on the outcome to change

After clicking on the gear you will be brought back to the edit page that you filled out to create the outcome.

Once you have outcomes added in your course, you will want to add them to assignments. First, go to the assignment or activity you would like to add it to and then go into the activities “Edit settings” page. Towards the bottom there will be a section labelled “Legacy Outcomes”. Select the outcomes you would like to apply and then click “Save and return”.

click Legacy Outcomes

After you have added the outcomes to the assignment, they will show up in your gradebook as a column next to the assignment you added the outcome to.

Shoes grade of legacy assignment

NOTE- After a legacy outcome is enabled on an activity, it cannot be removed through the settings page. It must be removed from the “Categories and Items” page in the gradebook.

New Outcomes

The new outcome system allows instructors to group outcomes into sets and allows for outcomes to be better mapped to activities and automatically graded.

NOTE- Outcomes and outcome sets for the non-legacy outcomes MUST be added by the CTS Help Desk. To add a new outcome please contact the Help Desk by emailing ctshelpdesk@mtech.edu with what set you would like the outcomes in (including whether it is a new set or not), the names of the outcomes, any documentation numbers or identification numbers it should be listed under, and a description of each outcome.

Setting up Outcomes-

Once the CTS Help Desk has created the outcomes, you will need to add them to your course. To add a new set to your course go to “Edit Settings” in Course administration within the Administration block.

Select Course administration then Edit settings in the Administration block

On the course settings page, locate the “Outcomes” section and make sure it is expanded. Find and click the “Select outcome sets” button.

click Select outcome sets

In the dialog box that comes up select the outcome set you would like to use and then the subjects and levels (if they apply and were requested). After this click ”OK”.

select the set witht the drop down on the left that says Choose oan outcome set

After clicking “OK” any outcome sets that have been added to the course should be listed in the Outcomes section. Once you are done click “Save and display”.

Then it will show the new outcome under the Ouctoms drop down and click save and display

Adding an Outcome to an Assignment or Question-

To add an outcome to an assignment or question the set to which the outcome belongs must have been added to the course following the steps above. After that go to the assignment or question edit page and click the “Select outcomes” button under the Outcomes section.

click the outcome you want to edit

Select the outcome set the outcome belongs to by clicking on the folder or text.

Click on the folder that you want.

After selecting the set, the outcomes associated will be listed beneath the set’s name. Click the desired outcomes.

select the outcome that you would like to use

Once the outcome has been selected the set and the outcome will be green. Once you are ready click “OK”

shows the selected outcome you will use in green

The outcomes selected will be shown in the Outcomes section. Once you are ready click “Save and return to course”

once changed select save and return to course

Checking on Outcome-

Once the outcomes have been set up in your course you can check on them and keep track of progress by looking at the reports.

First you will want to click on Outcomes in the Administration block.

under course administration select outcomes

To check on completion by specific students you can go to completion marking.

Select Completion Marking

Completion marking will allow you select an outcome set and a student and show you whether or not they have completed outcomes from that set and their average grade for each outcome. From here you can also mark an outcome complete by checking the complete checkbox and then hitting save changes.

select your Outcome set and user to filter your completion marking

The activity and performance pages will allow you an overview of class performance on outcomes.

select Activity and performance

You will need to select the outcome set you would like to view and will be shown the percentage of student completion, the average course grade for outcome related items, and be given a link to find the related items in your course.

use filters to find yhe outcome you want to change

Coverage allows you to track where outcomes are used in your course.

Select the coverage link

The coverage page will give you options to see resources, activities, and questions related to an outcome in your course as separate lists.

use filters to find the coverage you want

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