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FirefoxFirefox is the best browser to use when accessing Moodle. Free download: http://www.mozilla.org

The gradebook offers a means to view assignments, quizzes or any other item that you would like to grade.

Accessing the Gradebook:

1. Login to your Moodle course

2. Click on Grades in the Administration block

Select the gradebook under the admin tab

Gradebook: Views

The gradebook can be viewed in multiple ways, depending on your purpose.

Gradebook Setup:

In this tab, instructors are able to design the gradebook layout. Categories and manually graded items are created in this view and the order in which they appear can be adjusted using the orange and blue Move arrows. The aggregation strategy that will be used to calculate each student's overall grade is selected here. Extra credit items can also be designated by checking items in the Extra Credit column.

Select setup the Gradebook setup then click on arrows on the left


Grader report:

The Grader report that is available from the View tab allows instructors to view and record student grades for individual activities. These scores are automatically calculated into Category totals.

Grader report


To record student grades, Turn editing on so that points and feedback can be entered in the appropriate fields.

Turning Editing on in the Gradebook


User report:

The User report is also available from the View tab. This view is the gradebook view that students see.

To view individual student grades, select either  All users or individual student names from the Choose drop-down menu.

Student view of the gradebook

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