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assignments online. This allows for easy tracking of submissions and also provides each student with access to their own grades.

Assignment grading is a new feature released by Moodle 3.1. It allows instructors to grade and annotate assignments straight from Moodle! From the new grading section, instructors are able to read, highlight, add stamps, and leave feedback on students’ assignments. Please follow the below instructions for a tour of the new grading feature.

Assignment Grade Button

To access the grading feature, open the assignment and click the copper "Grade" button as depicted above.

Assignment Grade full View

When you click the "Grade" button, the screen will look similar to above. There are four main sections to this page. The PDF section, located in the center, allows you to read the students’ assignments.

Add Assignment

The toolbar, located above the PDF section, gives you all the tools you need to annotate your students’ papers.

  • On the left hand side of the toolbar is the paper navigation menu.
    • You can use the arrows to go forward and back or use the dropdown menu to select a page number.
  • On the right side of the toolbar, you can see the annotation toolbar.
    • The annotation toolbar has drawing and highlighting tools for easy annotation.

Right sidebar

The right sidebar, located on the very right of the page, has a lot of information about the assignment.

  • Near the top of the sidebar, you can see whether or not this assignment has been graded and if the assignment was submitted late.
  • Under the assignment information, you can download the original submission as shown in the graphic above.
  • Under the download button, you are given a comment submission area. Finally, near the bottom of the right sidebar, you are able to assign a grade for the paper.

Bottom Bar

The bottom bar, located directly under the PDF section, gives you three save options.

  • The "notify students" checkbox will notify students when you make a change to their paper.
  • "Save changes" will submit changes to Moodle and notify students about the changes if desired.
  • The "Reset" button will revert all changes made to the paper since the last save.

Top bar

The top bar, located directly above the PDF section, shows student information.

  • In the center, you can see the student’s name and email address.
  • You can use the arrows on the right to move to the next/previous student.
    • Another way to switch students is to open the dropdown and pick a student from the list.

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