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Course Completion Tracking

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Course completion tracking can be used to monitor students’ progress through the course or better allow students to track their own progress through the course. Completion tracking can be set up to automatically trigger on activities or set to allow students to manually set whether or not they completed an activity.

Setting up Completion Tracking:

First, Completion tracking must be enabled in the course settings:

Set Enable completion tracking to “Yes” and then click save and display

After this, there will be an option for completion tracking in the Administration block.

Course completion will appear below Edit Settings in the Administration Block

To enable tracking of an activity you will want to go to the activities “Edit settings” page and then find the Activity completion section.

The Activity completion section of edit settings contains the options for setting up completion tracking for this activity.)

Options for setting up an activity:

Completion tracking: This sets how the activity will be tracked. (Options: No tracking, Conditions, Manual)

Require view: If this is selected the student will need to view the activity for it to be complete

Require grade: It can be set that the student must be graded to be complete and/or that they have submitted the activity to be marked complete.

(Options under Require view and Require grade are not available unless tracking is set to Conditions)

Expect completed on: This option is used to keep track of deadlines in the tracking reports. This is not shown to students and only will appear on the report.

Items with completion tracking enabled will have an extra icon on the course’s home page.

Editing on:

There will be a checkbox icon to the right of the edit link when editing is on and an activity has completion tracking enabled.

When editing is off instructors can see the normal completion tracking checkbox like students.

When editing is off instructors can see the normal completion tracking checkbox like students.

Students will see this on their page when the activity is not complete

Students can see an unchecked box next to an incomplete activity, if it has tracking enabled.

Once the activity is complete students will see this:

Students will see a checked checkbox when they have either completed an activity or after marking it complete.

Tracking completion / Completion report:

The completion report can be found in Administration block > Reports > Activity Completion.

Selecting the reports then the Activity Completion in the admin block

The report will show you the students in your course and a tabular view of whether or not they have completed the activity.

The table will show the students names, emails, and which activities they have completed.

This report can be downloaded by following the links on the bottom of the report.

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